Must Watch: Atty. Chong Exposed Three Holes on PNP's Report of Richard Santillan's Death (Video)

Veteran lawyer and prominent social media personality, Atty. Glenn Chong exposed the three important holes or discrepancies on PNP's report of Richard Santillan's death as he uncover some of the most interesting evidence and exposed it on social media through an interview.

According to Atty. Glenn Chong his expose about the discrepancies on PNP's report was based on the spot report of the incident involving the death of his close-in bodyguard and aide, Richard Santillan.

The veteran lawyer stated that during the earlier part of the investigation of the Police Colonel who conducted the operation seemed not to bother Atty. Chong, despite the fact that the lawyer already introduced himself as a former Congressman and as a lawyer as he tried to look down him.

Watch the Exclusive Interview with Atty. Glenn Chong:

Atty. Chong asked for the spot report and when the Police gave him the spot report, he discovered the three holes or discrepancies in the investigations of the PNP.

First of all is the statement of the PNP that Richard Santillan is a member of the Highway Boys Group, a syndicate engaged in carnapping, holdupping, as he told the PNP that from that time on, he can vouched for the innocence of Richard Santillan.

Atty. Chong even wanted to brought in some of the politicians, prominent personalities, public officials, even ordinary citizens, that he met, having meeting with him, break bread with them, to prove that Richard is always there for him, protecting him.

He even visualized Richard Santillan as his own version of SAP Bong Go to Pres. Rody Duterte.

The next holes in the PNP Report is the statement that says about the guns discovered during the operations. Based on PNP's report, Richard was in position of 45, 28, and 9mm pistols. Atty. Chong asked the PNP the whereabouts of his Gloc 45 Pistol, which was registered to Richard Santillan and given by the lawyer as a gift, but the PNP denied having Gloc inside Santillan's car.

Atty. Chong discovered later on that the Gloc Pistol he issued to Red Santillan was inside his drawer at his residence, in other words, the clear indications is this, at the time of incident, Richard wasn't able to retaliate against his attackers. This also means that the three things the police report said were all planted according to the veteran lawyer.

The third hole is the reported fragmentation grenade that the PNP claimed were recovered from the scene. Atty. Chong explained, how come he will used a fragmentation grenade on his own personal car, there's no way to do that.

The veteran lawyer also exposed that one of the Police came out to him and asked for a xerox copy but he insisted to accompany the police but they changed their mind and never bother to ask again.

There is also discrepancies on the time of the incident and the missing three hours and 15 minutes gap between the incident and the police report. Aside from the time discrepancies, Atty. Chong also uncovered that there is indeed an evidence of torture because of the missing toenails.

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Must Watch: Atty. Chong Exposed Three Holes on PNP's Report of Richard Santillan's Death (Video) Must Watch: Atty. Chong Exposed Three Holes on PNP's Report of Richard Santillan's Death (Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on December 16, 2018 Rating: 5
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