Bully Victims of Montes Brothers Speaks, Reveals Bullying Inside Ateneo

Concerned netizens and self-confessed bully victims finally speak up against Joaquin Montes and his older brother who were accused of bullying their fellow students inside the Ateneo de Manila University campus.

One of the bully victim of the Montes brothers, Denise Beltran revealed on his social media post that he was a former classmate of Joaquin Montes' kuya back when he was in First Year High School.

According to Beltran, he was bullied physically by the older Montes, to the point that his parents had to consult their principal about it, because it was affecting his grades and in sports activities.

Here's the Complete Statement of Denise Beltran:

"Sadly, I was classmates with his Kuya way back when I was in 1st year HS.

Binubully din ako nung Kuya, mostly physically, to the point that my parents had to consult our school principal about it because it was affecting my grades and sport. He had an intense fight with an older grader, got suspended for 3days, had several scandals around the campus, verbally bullied several of my fellow classmates, and was off the varsity team in TAEKWONDO. Pero what happened? Even his sick old brother is a jackass too.

BOth of the brothers are in Ateneo as of this year, and both of them are bullies... ANU NAAAH MGA MONTES!!

Add ko lang that we had a class meeting about him and his "friends" were backing him up na mabait na tao daw siay LOL. This issue is not tolerable anymore and nobody has the right to bully. Sana makulong na yung magulang niyo!"

Aside from Denise Beltran, another victim of the Montes brother was identified as Calvin Solomon who narrated his experience with the controversial Ateneo bully.

Here's the Complete Story of Calvin Solomon:

"Oh so it is true pala na kumalat na to sa social media. Tha is karma Joaquin and Diego.

For you Diego, I hope that karma will hit you hard. Very hard. Para na din dun sa ginawa mo sakin last year. Tangina ka. Nakalimutan ko na yung ginawa mong pag kaladkad sakin sa hallway and sapak sakin nung pilay braso ko pero nung nabalitaan ko to i remembered bigla lahat ng ginawa mo sakin. Hindi lang sakin, samin. Oo marami kami.

Classmate o sya before sa Ateneo. Oo bully talaga sya kase he uses his family name to gain fame and para makapang buly. The time na nagreport tita ko sa Ateneo about what happened to me they glitched us. Wala silang ginawa.

The kept on saying na "we will follow that up", "we can't bring it up right now busy kami."

Kaya nag transfer ako sa La Salle walang kwenta Ateneo. Buti nalang lumabas yan. Nagkaron ako ng lakas ng loob magsalita. Pakyu ka pa rin Diego."

Source: Facebook 

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