Pres. Duterte Slams Trillanes: "Ikaw Trillanes, Ang Nilakad ng Tatay Mo"

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte slammed Sen. Antonio Trillanes anew accusing the father's senator as the one who allegedly made some efforts for Trillanes to graduate from the PMA easily without going through the usual routine.

During one of Pres. Rody Duterte's speaking engagement he revealed that Sen. Trillanes' father was the one who influenced some officials of the PMA to let him graduate even without undergoing the usual difficult training inside the Philippine Military Military Academy.

The statement of Pres. Duterte was caught on a video which was then uploaded on social media by veteran international blogger Maharlika.

Watch the Expose of Pres. Duterte Against Trillanes:

Pres. Duterte's accusations against Trillanes was made as a retaliations of the chief executive according to some netizens on allegations by the senator that Pres. Duterte became a lawyer because of the influence of his father who was a former governor of the unified Davao Province.

The allegations of Trillanes was proven wrong after Pres. Duterte explained that he became a lawyer 20 years after the death of his father therefore the senator was caught lying in the act.

The statement of Pres. Duterte against Trillanes being an alleged graduate of PMA without undergoing hard trainings was exposed by the President earlier, and the chief executive once again discussed the said issues with a different audience.

Here's the Complete Statement of Maharlika:

Antonio Trillanes, nilakad ng kanyang tatay para hindi dumaan sa matinding training sa PMA ayon kay PRRD.

Pati nanay ay may transaksyon din umano sa gobyerno habang aktibo pa ang kanyang tatay na isang Navy Captain noon.

"Sinabi nya yung pagka-abogado nilakad raw ng tatay ko. My father was 20 years dead when I became...Ikaw Trillanes, ang nilakad ng tatay mo according to a PMAer.

While everybody was there exercising to death, you are enjoying the food of government sa opisina ng tatay mo and your mother was into transaction. Yan ang transactional, hindi kami.” - Pres. Duterte

Source: Maharlika FB Page

Pres. Duterte Slams Trillanes: "Ikaw Trillanes, Ang Nilakad ng Tatay Mo" Pres. Duterte Slams Trillanes: "Ikaw Trillanes, Ang Nilakad ng Tatay Mo" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on November 23, 2018 Rating: 5
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