DILG Suggests to Ang Probinsyano: "Create a Fictional Police Agency"

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) suggested to the producers of the hit TV-series "Ang Probinsyano" to create a fictional police force on their series just like what they had done with their fictional news agency.

The suggestions of creating a fictional police force instead of the using the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be "consistent" with their claim that the show is fictional.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's The Source, DILG Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya was quoted as saying "When we watch the show, we expect a fictional law enforcement agency as well," Malaya told CNN.

The top official of the DILG added further that "If they wish to continue with this plot, then create a fictional law agency," he said. "Call i the Philippine State Police, for all I care. With that, that's entirely work of fiction."

According to the DILG spokesperson, using of fictional police force is the right thing to do. He pointed out that Ang Probinsyano uses fictional news agency and fictional rebel group, but uses the insignias of the PNP in its depictions of the police, which has recently left PNP Chief Director Gen. Oscar Albayalde and DILG Sec. Eduardo Año up in arms.

Based on the show's current plot, the newly-appointed police chief is in cahoots with the vice president who succeeded the former president after they assassinated him.

The PNP and DILG have complained about the "unfair portrayal" of the police in the show, with both government agencies mulling legal action against Ang Probinsyano's producers over their use of police insignias.

The DILG spokesman also clarified that what they are doing is not censorship, but they are just drawing the line. "What we're doing here is we're drawing the line. They can do whatever they wanna do, just don't go beyond the line. Because there are laws that could have been violated," Malaya said.

Source: CNN Philippines

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