British DDS Open Letter to Sister Fox: "You Had Been Used by Opposition for their Political Gains"

Prominent social media personality and one of the few international supporter of Pres. Duterte on social media, Malcolm Conlan made headlines after she posted an Open Letter intended to be read by the deported Australian nun Sister Patricia Fox as he warned the nun to be careful because she was being used by the opposition for their own political agenda.

Sister Patricia Fox left the Philippines on November 3, after  the denial of her request for the extension of her downgraded visa.

Before giving Conlan's advice to Sister Patricia Fox, Malcolm Conlan thanked Sister Fox for her achievement on her various projects during her stay in the Philippines. Conlan also noted that he is grateful for Sister Fox who helped majority of Filipinos.

Here's the Complete Statement of Malcolm Conlan:

An Open Letter to Sister Fox,

Dear Sister Fox,

Not really sure how to address you, but I thought I would write to wish you well and thank you for your efforts in the Philippines. I am very sure that before you even arrived in the country, you either felt a calling from God or felt the need to help in some way.

I am very sure that you have helped the poor, ministered to the sick, prayed for the afflicted and more, all the things that a nun should be doing.

I am also in no doubt that the vast majority of the Filipino people are most grateful for this gracious act of benevolence and charity, along with Christian duty.

Sadly though, more recently, you decided to get involved in politics. Before going to any foreign country, I always check the latest advice on how to conduct myself in the said country.

I am aware personally that taking part in any rally or protest in the Philippines, either supporting or opposing the government of the day, is banned under Philippine law. Personally, I would never dream of joining any such events, as I would know the consequences.

Funny thing is, this law was in fact authored by the very same party that you now support. It seems quite ironic, yet amusing to me that this law has now been used to actually have you deported!!!

I do find it rather sad though, that you had been used by the opposition in their political games to oust the democratically elected President of the Republic of the Philippines, then again so many in the Catholic Church had been used the same way. They even held a Liberal Party campaign rally in a church!

There was me wrongly thinking that under the 1987 constitution, the church and state had apparently been separated?

I do wish you well on your imminent journey back to Australia, I am quite sure too, that the Filipino people also wish you well.

God bless and keep you,

Malcolm Conlan
Concerned Netizen and supporter of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
London, UK

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