PDEA Deputy Dir. Gen. Ismael Fajardo Jr. Profile Bios: Pres. Duterte's New Drugs Watchlist

Relieved PDEA Deputy Director General Ismael Fajardo Jr., is one of those who was included in the new Illegal Drugs Watchlist released recently by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Read the profile bios of Supt. Fajardo one of the alleged leaders of PNP personnel who were involved in the illegal drug trades in the Philippines.

Former PDEA Deputy Director Gen. Ismael Fajardo is one of the top PNP officials in a matrix of at least seven former and incumbent PNP officers who were allegedly connected to the rampant narcotics trade in the country during the Aquino administration until the time of Pres. Duterte.

According to the drugs matrix released by Pres. Duterte, the "secret special report" named dismissed officer Eduardo Acierto; Police Senior Superintendent Leonardo Suan; Police Superintendents Ismael Fajardo Jr. and Lorenzo Bacia; Police Inspectors Lito Pirote and Conrado Caragdag; and Senior Police Officer 4 Alejandro Gerardo Liwanag.

The de-classified report stated that the group of Fajardo have allegedly established networks with "different drug lords across the country and abroad."

"The processes of restructuring organizational landscape within the PNP anti-drug unit [have] noble objectives. [H]owever, it was shrouded with the reality that it was merely aesthetics and technicalities on changing names and madates of these differently-called organizations," a copy of the report furnished by Duterte to Palace reporters read.

"People being appointed and recruited into these organizations were the same personalities; creating polls of agents and personnel who are mostly corrupt and have already created networks with different drug lords across the country and abroad," it added.

The supposedly clandestine report claimed that the narcotics industry has reached an "unimaginable sphere of influence" nationwide, as drug personalities are able to "protect and continuously carry out" their unlawful activities "under the guise of legitimate law enforcement operations."

Ismael Fajardo according to the documents presented by Pres. Duterte to the media, was relieved of his post on September 14 over his links to the alleged smuggling of P6.8-billion worth of shabu in August.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino told a House committee on September 27 that Fajardo and resigned Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service officer Jimmy Guban knew that the hundreds of kilograms of shabu would be shipped to the country.

"Director Fajardo is known in the [law enforcement] community as a 'scorer' or one who delivers accomplishments. However, he is branded as a 'recycler' of drugs and fabricator of stories," the report said.

The report added Fajardo is involved in several incidents of drug recycling and other illegal activities involving drugs since his early days as anti-narcotics operative in the Philippine National Police.

For instance, Fajardo and his group allegedly made up stories to justify the arrest of Marine Lieutenant Colonel Ferdinand Marcelino and his Chinese companion during a raid in Manila on January 21, 2016.

The report also said the National Bureau of Investigation apprehended Fajardo and his girlfriend sometime in December 2016 for drug peddling, but the NBI did not press charges "out of courtesy to a fellow enforcer after PDEA leadership intervened on his behalf.

Watch the Video Report About Ismael Fajardo:

Source: PNA

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