Must Watch: Rep. Bertiz Shouting Match with OFW Rights Activist Resurface Anew (Video)

ACTS-OFW Partylist Representative John Bertiz made headlines for his alleged arrogance against security personnel at NAIA but a previous video showing a shouting match between Bertiz and OFW rights activists resurfaced anew on social media.

Amidst the controversy being faced by Congressman Bertiz about the NAIA incident and his wife's bribery case, netizens unearthed a video showing Congressman Bertiz, having an intense debate with UNIFIL-Migrante leader Eman Villanueva over their respective stands on the abolition of overseas employment certificate (OEC) and the P550 airport terminal fee for OFWs.

According to some netizens who witness the incident, the shouting commotion happened on January 29, 2017, at the Office of Labor Attache Jalilo de la Torre.

Watch the Shouting Match Between Rep. Bertiz & Migrante Leader Villanueva:

While Villanueva opposed the idea of asking OFWs to pay for OEC, Congressman Bertiz insisted that hte said OEC was necessary to distinguish between a documented and an undocumented workers.

Based upon the report by HKPinoyTV, Migrante Leader Eman Villanueva and the other audience listened to Bertiz explanation carefully, but when they realized that hte lawmaker is trying to dominate the meeting by talking to them for 12 minutes the Migrante leader tried to stop him from speaking.

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Congressman Bertiz was heard as shouting "Patapusin mo muna ako, you had your turn kanina." Bertiz said. The response of Congressman Bertiz irritated Villanueva which resulted in a shouting match.

"Kayo na ang umubos sa oras namin. Kami ay nakipag-meeting sa DOLE at hindi sa inyo”. Villanueva said.

Bertiz who worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia for five years replied: “Pareho lang tayong OFW. Hindi ako naiiba sa inyo, OFW din ako”.

The claim of Bertiz made Villanueva angrier and started to accuse the lawmaker of being an enemy of the OFWs because he’s the CEO of Global Asia Alliance Consultant Inc., one if the biggest recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

“Ang hirap sayo, kinakain mo ang oras ng dayalogo namin! Agency ka rin! Eh bakit, hindi ba agency ang kalaban ng mga OFW?!” said Villanueva.

In response, Bertiz asked Villanueva if his company made something wrong in the past, saying that the migrant leader won’t be able to work in Hong Kong without the help of recruitment agencies.

“Eh ano ngayon kung agency ako?! May naging problema ba ang ahensiya ko?! Eh ano ngayon kung agency?! Nakarating ka ba ng Hong Kong kung
hindi agency?!,” Bertiz told Villanueva.

Villanueva answered Bertiz question, saying that he became an OFW in Hong Kong without being helped by recruitment agencies.

Source: HKPinoyTV / Duterte Bato FB Page

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