BOC Chief Isidro Lapeña Expose the Penetration of Syndicates Inside BOC, PDEA & Other Branches of Government

Former PDEA Chief and the recent head of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) Isidro Lapeña revealed on his official statement released to the media that the "drug syndicates have penetrated the government. They exist in the Bureau of Customs, they exist in PDEA, and they exist in other branches of government." the BOC Chief revealed.

According to Lapeña, proof of this syndicate is the drug matrix recently shown by the President himself as he noted that they penetrated the high echelons of the bureaucracy. The BOC Chief also encourage everybody to focus their energy in dismantling these drug syndicates.

The BOC Chief also explained that the issue on X-Rays, and all these noises are smokes and mirrors-technicalities being used to divert the public from the main issue. We should refocus, even the President, Mayor Rody Duterte has revealed the personalities behind the government drug syndicate. This is where we should drive our focus and energy-they will file cases against these personalities, Lapeña added. 

Commissioner Sid Lapeña also stated that the PDEA is the lead agency in the fight against drugs, and in their current mission to put the members of the government drug syndicate behind bars, he commended the PDEA, who he lead once, for their efforts to curb the illegal drugs problems resulting to some casualties, but there are still personalities in the drug matrix on the loose.

The BCO Commissioner identified Ismael Fajardo, former OIC Deputy General of PDEA and PNP top officials Acierto-a dismissed officer from the PNP are in the same document revealed by the President. He urged PDEA to look into these personalities.

Lapeña was also surprised after receiving reports that Acierto is with Director General Aquino, head of PDEA, during the openig of Vecaba shipment in MICP. He was quoted as saying " I really wondered what was Acierto’s business during that operation. I will not be surprised that Fajardo and Acierto are feeding him false information about the shipment, and this is the reason why DG Aquino stated, a day after the opening, that he has a gut feeling na may tone-toneladang shabu na pinapapasok sa bansa ang Bureau of Customs.

In the said official statement of BOC Chief Isidro Lapeña, the attacks against him and the officers, men and women of the BOC isa well-funded and coordinated attack to undermine the reforms he started. The timing was also perfect for the attack against BOC, the press releases and interviews were made when he was on official leave, he went tot he US to join her mother on her 91st birthday.

The BOC Commissioner refuted the allegations thrown against him that he did nothing with the incident about the P6.8-Billion worth of shabu inside the magnetic lifters.

Commissioner Lapeña was quoted as saying "For the record, It was the Bureau of Customs who shared the discovery of the four (4) magnetic lifters in GMA, Cavite to PDEA. The officers on the ground agreed to have follow-up operations because at the time, the warehouse owner revealed that they are expecting more shipments as relayed by the warehouse lessee.

To know more about the official statement of Commissioner Lapeña, just head on to the official Facebook Page of the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Watch the Video Report from GMA-7:

Source: BOC FB Page

BOC Chief Isidro Lapeña Expose the Penetration of Syndicates Inside BOC, PDEA & Other Branches of Government BOC Chief Isidro Lapeña Expose the Penetration of Syndicates Inside BOC, PDEA & Other Branches of Government Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 24, 2018 Rating: 5
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