Watch: Netizens Criticizes Trillanes for Threatening His Critics, AFP & PNP (Hahabulin Ko Kayo, Pag Wala Na Si Duterte)

Netizens took to social media as they criticized and lambasted the statement of Sen. Antonio Trillanes who was caught on camera threatening his critics, the members of the AFP and PNP who are going to arrest him, that he will go after them once Pres. Rody Duterte ends his term.

In an interview with the media, Sen. Trillanes was quoted as saying "Gagawa sila ng isang milagro, eh sa akin eh, mag-declare na lang sila ng Revolutionary Government wag na magpanggap." Trillanes said.

The controversial senator added further that "Ba't ah, sa akin dito, again, I believe the member of the Armed Forces, the Defense Department, in particular alam nila yong lessons in history, alam nila yong mga nangyari noong Martial Law, alam nila yong legal at illegal order, at alam nila na itong is Duterte, hindi ito tatagal, mawawala ito." Trillanes.

Watch the Threatening Statement of Sen. Trillanes:

The Senator then named Solicitor General Jose Calida and Justice Secretary Guevarra as the culprit for persecuting him and threatened these government wworkers that he will run after them once Duterte step down from office.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes did not sit well among the supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media as they lambasted Trillanes for threatening not only Calida and Guevarra but also the members of the AFP and the PNP who will be the one to arrest him once an arrest warrant will be provided by the Makati RTC.

Here's Some of the Comments Against Trillanes:

Zheena Odero Lopez: As what they say,Trillanes brain has two parts, the left and the right. In the left part, nothing is right. In the right part, nothing is left.hahaha.

Ayee Tbr: Yes military men knows their history..including yours..just wait and you will be on the right place mr senator..anyhow you should'nt be talking there..coz you must be injail till now the fact that your amnesty is fake..ha.ha..yes PPRD will pass thru just like you.. but He will leave being Patriotic man..and the true LOVE for the country..unlike you always corrupting..even then on your Cadetship .ha.ha

Ramsirc Tudtud: The people will protect them, and pilipino people will hunt you.. if something will happen du30 people will rise again hunting all the yellows.. u better be scared if that happen because you will not ve safe anymore all of you.. pambansang ugok..

Lheng Shei Sejalec Banour: First thing you do is surrender and prove your innocense in the the court.Stop making drama,Your big tongue will not help but rather will bring you more in trouble. So if I were you,stop it now because ur dignity will be more and more at stake. kya pls lng tigilan mo na ung pagtatahol mo.kung talagang matapang k don't hide yourself.

Benjamin M. Reyes Jr.: I will save this video, and when you are already in Jail, i will visit you once in a while and show this to you. Promise, i'll visit you and laugh out loud while watching your crazy statements.

June Castillo: Trilling is nothing but a human form in disguise. Trilling is a street mad dog in human form. Really! your intellect is zero! Your just wasting your energy - kadadakdak with your lies & non sense talks... Anyways, in just a matter of few more days you'll be in the cage! Demonyo ka! at ang mga kaalyado mo mga salot kayo sa pagunlad ng lipunan ng Maharlika.

Source: Favradio Global FB Page

Watch: Netizens Criticizes Trillanes for Threatening His Critics, AFP & PNP (Hahabulin Ko Kayo, Pag Wala Na Si Duterte) Watch: Netizens Criticizes Trillanes for Threatening His Critics, AFP & PNP (Hahabulin Ko Kayo, Pag Wala Na Si Duterte) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 17, 2018 Rating: 5
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