R. Tiglao Expose the Alleged Abuse of Trillanes and Yellow with the Catholic Religion

Veteran columnist and former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao of The Manila Times accused Sen. Antonio Trillanes and the Yellows (members of the Liberal Party) of abusing the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, considered as the country's largest religious denominations.

According to R. Tiglao there's an exploitation of the Catholic religion by a group of clerics in that Church in the service of military mutineer Trillanes-a Yellow tactic since 1986-has become so sickening.

The veteran journalist revealed some usual tactics of the clerics in support with the Yellows and the camp of Sen. Trillanes, through "laying of hands," considered as a superstitious practice in many cultures, that magical rays come out of the priest's hands, on bowed heads.

Aside from the laying of hands, there's also a Daily Catholic Mass at his Senate quarters and outside the Senate Building and the handing over to Trillanes a statuette of the so-called "Lady of Pe├▒afrancia."

Tiglao revealed that what the pro-Trillanes' clerics are trying to tell Filipinos is essentially this: "We are God's representatives, and we know what He wants. The Almight himself supports Trillanes. If you are Catholics, you have to support Trillanes."

The former diplomat during the Arroyo Administration, Rigoberto Tiglao admitted that while these clerics have not succeeded at all in getting people to support Trillanes, their very attempt to do so sickens me to my stomach. They have debased the religion which is meant to be a doorway to what is transcendent in human existence according to Tiglao.

R. Tiglao also noted that it is only in the Philippines that clerics have dabbled in such political exertions. Even in Catholic countries, a clown like priest Roberto Reyes-who mimicks the running of Forest Gump in the eponmous move to draw attention to himself-who engages in political theater would have been called out by his superiors and cloistered in some monastery.

The veteran journalist also revealed that the Communist drew closer to the Yellow Cult in the yeaers leading to Marcos' fall in 1986, with its former cleric-cadres and their fronts ordered to support the opposition. By February 1986, the communists who had become experts in street “agit-prop” theater, managed to convince nuns to carry statuettes of the Virgin Mary and say the rosary while facing the military’s tanks during the EDSA uprising.

However, the Yellow Cult, because of Cory Aquino’s religiosity, managed to get many of the clerics recruited by the communists to defect to it instead, and to establish its own base in religious organizations.

To know more about the expose of Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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