Mark Lopez Burns Aika Robredo for Defending Trillanes on Soial Media

Veteran blogger and radio host Mark Lopez burned down Aika Robredo, the daughter of Vice President Leni Robredo who allegedly defended Sen. Antonio Trillanes on social media.

Aika Robredo took to Twitter and slammed the critics of Sen. Antonio Trillanes, who is now the hottest topics in social media for his alleged non-availability of the decision to admit their mistakes.

Aside from seemingly defending Sen. Antonio Trillanes, Aika Robredo posted the following statement: "Seen in my Facebook feed this morning: "Kapag nawala ba 'yung death certificate sa Civil Registrar, ibig ba sabihin buhay ka pa?"

The statement of Aika Robredo, did not sit well among the supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte, particularly veteran blogger Mark Lopez who burned down Aika Robredo by saying that "Nawala? Para bang balota na binasa? Ganyan siguro talaga sa CamSur, nawawala ang mga dokumento sa Civil Registry. Malamang kaya nawala ang death certificate sinadya para makaboto.." Mark Lopez stated.

Netizens also reacted with the statement of Aika Robredo by criticizing the fantasy character on social media.

Here's Some of the Comments Against Aika Robredo:

Edgar Sumaoy: Aika, having a birth certificate is not a requirement for you to prove you're alive. Your living presence is enough proof that you exist. But producing a written admission of guilt for the crime of coup d'etat is a requirement for Trillanes' amnesty to be valid. You can't simultaneoulsy act to fake you're alive and be actually dead because the former would require someone alive to do the acting. Meanwhile, you can have an amnesty certificate without fully complying with its requirements, just like you can win an election without actually being voted." - sass.

Carlo D Santos: She tried to be clever but turns out she just inherited her moms brain functions.

Josephine Velasco: The fruit will not fall far from the tree. Experts say the child gets its "brains" from the mother. Aika has my sympathy.

MaƱego Jun AIKA:
Pag nawala ba ang balota, ibig sabihin VP NA'NG INA MO?!?!?!

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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