R. Tiglao Reveals the Reasons Why the New York Times Hates Pres. Rody Duterte

Veteran journalist and prominent political analyst of The Manila Times, Rigoberto "Bobi" Tiglao revealed the reasons why one of the world's most popular news outlet, The New York Times hates President Rody Duterte so much and continued to vilify the President on their various news report.

According to R. Tiglao, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is considered as the second most hated President in the world by the New York Times next to US President Donald Trump as the favorite whipping boy or its evil incarnate. Despite the steep fall in credibility and integrity in the past decade, NYT still has a considerable role in public opinion in the US and even worldwide.

The New York Times is considered by worldwide newspapers, even the biggest ones in the developed countries just publish NYT articles on foreign countries, stupidly believing it still retains its journalistic competence and objectivity. The NYT according to Tiglao recently demonstrated that it hasn't let up on its campaign to vilify Duterte and the country when it had a front-page article on August 19 titled "Emaciated by Cancer Mistaken as a Drug Addict, Filipino Dies in Detention."

R. Tiglao revealed that the article, even just the title, is nothing but total media sensationalism, intended to tug at readers' heart to depict the Philippine government as horrific, cruel regime killing even those dying of cancer. The article didn't even mention in the article the fact that the police claimed about the real identity of the supected drug-user was found to have two sachets of shabu, aside from the Police, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was also undertaking its own investigation of the crime.

The article was clearly just another piece to bolster the NYT's false picture of the Duterte administration as a bloody regime. NYT's alleged purpose is to claim again as it has done many times already, that "Mr. Duterte's drug war has killed thousands of people, and most deaths go largely unnoticed." They even mentioned some statements of Anti-Duterte groups such as the Migrante International which is an alleged front of the Communist Party.

The NYT on their alleged purpose of vilifying Pres. Duterte hasn't given the same kind of space it has been giving police brutality cases in the US. There's been nothing in the NYT articles like an objective analysis of how successful the anti-drug war has been, how the crime rate has precipitously declined, how the economy has surged in the past two years, how a bold infrastructure program has been going on, how foreign investment has surged since Duterte assumed office in mid-2016.

Here's Some of the Several Reasons Why NYT is on All-Out Campaign to Topple Pres. Duterte by Portraying Him as Evil:

1. A Filipino-American billionaire, a big supporter of the Yellow Cult based in New York has made it her mission to use the NYT to vilify Duterte.

2. The NYT and the Liberal establishment which it has been the spokesman of, had created the myth of the pro-US Aquinos as a godsend to the Philippines. Corty first then her son Noynoy. Duterte is the antithesis, even the enemy of the Aquinos, whom therefore they have to topple.

3. The NYT has been the mouthpiece of America's liberal establishment which has proclaimed itself as the champion of democracy and human rights worldwide.

4. And lastly, we have this nauseating phenomenon of Filipinos delighting in putting the Philippines down, a not so surprising attitude in this country where nationalism has all but vanished. Case in point is this Felipe Villamor who wrote that recent article about that cancer-stricken drug suspect (and who has not written a single piece in the NYT reporting something good in the Duterte administration); one Miguel Syjuco who has lived all his life in the US, and who has contributed over a dozen opinion pieces to the NYT, all disparaging Duterte and even the country.

To know more about the Expose of Rigoberto Tiglao just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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