Must Watch: Five Senators Who Advised Sen. Trillanes to Neuro-Psychiatric Test (Video)

A total of five senators were reportedly giving their advice to Senator Antonio Trillanes to undertake a Neuro-Psychiatric Test according to the information presented by Erwin Tulfo in the latest episode of his popular radio program Tutok Erwin Tulfo.

According to Erwin Tulfo the five lawmakers who reportedly asked Sen. Trillanes to undergo a Neuro-Psychiatric Test, the five senators were identified as Senators Vicente "Tito" Sotto, Panfilo Lacson, Manny Pacquiao, Richard "Dick" Gordon, and Juan Miguel "Migz" Zubiri.

The five senators are one in their belief that Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV needed help and advised him to take a neuros-psychiatric exam to assess his real mental integrity due to the fact of his earlier statements accusing prominent personalities of different things which were proven false.

Watch the Expose of Erwin Tulfo:

Some lawmakers inside the Philippine Senate stated that the former military officer and mutineer who led a na army revolt to oust a President was advised by his colleagues in the Senate to take the said exam, basing on his behaviors. Sen. Trillanes has lost the confidencef of his colleagues, and his actions are unbecoming of a senator and a public servant.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes made some headlines in various social media and mainstream media report, one of the latest antics that confirmed his unstable mental condition is when he recently suggested to President Duterte to undergo a drug test without investigating first that the President already tookk the drug test and even the neuro-psycho test as part of his requirements in handling firearms.

SAP Bong Go slams Sen. Trillanes as he revealed that the President already took the drug test and challenged the senator to undergo a neuro-psychiatric test because even if he passed the surprise drug test, he doubts Trillanes' abilities to passed the neuro test.

Spox Harry Roque also lambasted Trillanes for his suggestions to let the President undergo drug test but Trillanes should realized that the President could undergo a drug test anytime he wants but not with the order presented by Trillanes.

Here's Some of the Most Controversial Comments Posted by Some Netizens:

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