Erwin Tulfo Slams & Lectures Sen. Trillanes on His Real Role in the DOT Ads (Video)

Veteran journalist and veteran public servant in both radio and TV progams, Erwin Tulfo slammed and lectured Sen. Antonio Trillanes with his alleged involvement in the controversial tourism ads of the Department of Tourism and PTV-4.

According to Erwin Tulfo, he would like to make it clear that he is only a talent of Bitag and not the owner or under the management team of the said company that provided various shows for PTV-4.

Watch How Erwin Tulfo Slams Sen. Trillanes:

During the time when Sen. Trillanes turned to asked Erwin Tulfo, the senator asked about the talent fee of Erwin Tulfo working for Bitag Multimedia Inc., but before Tulfo answered, he made an opening statement first and burned down Trillanes face to face.

Erwin Tulfo was quoted as saying "Pwede ko na bang saguting Sen." Trillanes responded by saying "go ahead." Erwin Tulfo then added his most controversial statement during the Senate Hearing.

The veteran journalist was quoted as saying "Una ho sa lahat, yong isyu, kanina ko pa naririnig, pinipilit mo na may plunder." "Eh, patunayan mo muna na may Plunder, Bossing, okay, ngayon it's not up to you to decide, it's the court to decide, sir."

Sen. Richard Gordon then asked the attentions of everybody to address the chair and not to address the personality. Sen. Gordon also admonished everyone present including Sen. Trillanes that nothing is conclusive in the Senate and that's the line of questioning of Sen. Trillanes. Sen. Gordon also made an interruption and reminded the chair and the resource person not to use the use the word "Bossing."

Erwin Tulfo continued his explanations by saying that he is only a talent, which is not a regular employee, without benefits or a casual employee, therefore he has not in anyway connected to the management of Bitag Multimedia Inc., the producer of Kilos Pronto.

The journalist also admitted that his talent fee is worth P150,000, the usual salary or talent fees of TV anchors. He also wanted all the people watching to know that he and Ben Tulfo were not the only host of Kilos Pronto, because Alex Santos was also part of the show but because of the mainstream media's efforts to discredit him, they are trying to connect his name with the controversial transactions between PTV-4 and Kilos Pronto.

Source: YouTube

Erwin Tulfo Slams & Lectures Sen. Trillanes on His Real Role in the DOT Ads (Video) Erwin Tulfo Slams & Lectures Sen. Trillanes on His Real Role in the DOT Ads (Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on August 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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