Arrogant Couple & Body Guards Attacking Enforcers Caught on Camera (Viral Video)

A road rage involving an alleged arrogant couple and their body guards attacking some Bantay Bayan or Tanods is now spreading like wildfire on social media as their confrontration was caught on camera.

An unidentified man and his wife together with several bodyguards created a scene in Magallanes Extension, Makati, EDSA Northbound on Monday. The incident was caught on camera wherein two convoys were apprehended by the Barangay Enforces for traffic violation, beating the red light.

Watch the Viral Video of the Arrogant Couple:

The confrontation started when the women went out from the passenger's seat and attacked an enforcer and gave him a headbutt as seen CCTV footage.

The controversial couple was identified as an alleged Arnold Padilla directly assaulted the officer who apprehended their vehicle. Following their bosses, alleged orders, the couple's bodyguards attacked the other enforcers.

The officer was able to defend himself by using his "batuta." Due to the fear of their respective lives, the Barangay Tanods were forced to let go of the suspects but everything were recorded on CCTV.

In an interview with the media, one of the officers admitted that the couple and their bodyguards speak ill of them and call them as trash. The officers already filed a direct assault case against the couple and several of their bodyguards.

Meanwhile, according to the information gathered by News5, the Padilla couple, the alleged arrogant couple are known for facing several charges against them in the Barangay where they belong. Traffic officers are used to letting them pass wheneven they intentionally commit a violation. However, that day is not a good day for them, as they used an unfamiliar vehicle that's why they were apprehended.

News5 tried to investigate and seek the couple's side of the story but they refused to air their side. The security of the subdivision where the couple lives have a strict compliance of not letting any media pass through the vicinity.

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Source: News5 FB Page

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