Jay Sonza Urges the Australians to Show Some Respect to Gilas Reveals What Really Happen (Video)

Veteran journalist and political analyst Jay Sonza, who happens to be a basketball lover also revealed what really happened during the controversial game between the Australian Boomers and the Gilas Pilipinas national team at the Philippine Arena on Monday night.

According to Jay Sonza the visiting Australian basketball team should show some respect to the Filipinos and the Gilas Pilipinas on their visit to the Philippines for the FIBA-sanctioned basketball tournament.

Jay Sonza revealed some history regarding the Philippines and Australia's loved for basketball. During the year 1974, the Philippines beats the Australian as the Filipinos was lead by the famous Robert Jaworksi but during this time the Philippines was severely beaten by Australia in a hotly-constested game with a matching brawls involving players from both teams.

The veteran journalist revealed on his Facebook Page that the Australian really started the brawl because during the practice at the Philippine Arena, they removed the sponsor stickers from the floor without authority. This event already pissed off the SBP and threats this as disrespect. The Australian also started the trash talks against the Filipinos while warming up and there were reports that some Aussie players even called the Filipinos as "monkeys."

Here's the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:


1974 Tinalo ng Pilipinas ang Australia (Circa Jaworski, et al). inis-talo ang Boomers dahil sa mga taktika nina Jawo and company (noong panahon na iyon may mga ulat na magaling si no.7 sa trash talk, pitik-bayag at spit-on-your-face). Ito rin ang panahon na tayo ang hari ng basketball sa Asia.

2018 Tinalo ng Australia ang Gilas (Circa RR Pugoy, et al)
Kagagaling lang sa inis-talo ang Boomers laban sa Japan. Kakalampaso lang ng Gilas sa Chinese-Taipei. Nasa Pilipinas ang momentum, Lalo pa at may home court advantage ang Gilas.

Kailangan mawala ang mga advantages na ito. Kailangan mawala sa hulog ang mga manlalaro ng Pinas para masira ang laro, They have to be baited into committing the unthinkable.

And they did it with gusto. sumakay naman ang Team Philippines, audience included. 
Kaya ayon, we set a never-before record in FIBA history. we lost the game. we shamed ourselves as host to a visiting team.

Ano ba ang pinagmulan?

1. Australia, while practicing yesterday at the Philippine arena, removed the sponsor stickers from the floor of the court without authority. This pissed the SBP and treats this as disrespect.

2. Australia started the trash talk vs the Filipinos while warming up before the game when the PH players stepped onto the half court line while warming up.

3. Players from Australia were trash talking the Filipino players every time they take free throws. RR Pogoy had enough of it and intentionally fouled an Ausie player, prompting that player to kick him, and promting Andre Blatche to return a punch to the Ausie. And the rest is history. Almost everyone joined the brawl.

To the Australian Boomers, this I say:

Show some respect, especially when you are the visitor. When we were on your home court, we never damaged the court floor, nor did we trashed talk to your players. Stop the arrogance and just play some basketball.

Watch the Controversial Brawl Between Gilas Pilipinas and Australia:

Sources: Facebook / Sports5
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