Netizens Reacts on VP Leni's Defense of CJ Sereno in the Quo Warranto Case (Video)

The controversial Vice President of the Philippines, Vice President Leni Robredo made some headlines on social media after netizens reacted on her decision to defend Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno after the VP slammed the decision of the Supreme Court to oust CJ Sereno--a move which she said tarnished the country's Constitution.

VP Leni said in a televised address that she is concerned with the landmark ruling of the Supreme Court and stressed that the only means to remove an impeachable officer such as Sereno was through impeachment.

Watch How VP Leni Defends CJ Sereno on Nationwide TV:

The Vice President also stressed that she is assuring the Filipino people that the fight is not yet over especially because the voting was close in a far-reaching decision. The Supreme Court voted 8-6 in a s special full court session in Friday ousting CJ Sereno, supposedly because of her failure to meet the "integrity test"' of her position, despite widespread warnings that the move would trigger a constitutional crisis.

Instead of getting support from netizens, VP Leni received some negative reactions on social media as she was slammed by most netizens on her statement defending CJ Sereno.

Here's Some of the Most Relevant Comments Against VP Leni:

Mari Kit: excuse me , TAONG BAYAN is not on your side... and that's REAL TALK. stop claiming that Madlang pipol is choosing you.

Celestino Siglos: The next to be OUSTED would be FAKE VP Robredo....

Nea Aclana Wanse: Shut up.... your a great pretender, pretending that you care Philippines but you are not because you are fake. 

Leogirl Leo: Fake vp...soon its ur turn to step down lol....
Manahimik kna wla kang silbi mlpit knang mwla jan sa kinalalagyan mo..... wala ng maniniwla syu leni vp fake manloloko mandaraya....

Glenn Iglupas: Sawang-sawa na ang taumbayan sa panlilinlang ng LP! Hindi bale Madam, ikaw na ang isusunod ng sa ganun, ma wasto ang mali. Maraming salamat, Po!

Bea Dizo: compromised? are you nuts fake vp? from the beginning null and void na yung pagkakalukluk niya kayo ang nagcompromised against sa aming mamamayan dahil sa paghangad niyo ng kapangyaarihan at kasakiman.

Allan Quimque Po: Gaga wala ng tiwala ang taongbayan sa inyong mga dilawan , ayaw lang nyo tanggapin ang totoo.

Oshin Yushin: reading at scripted lang ang kaya ni Fake VP Leni... u are next in line! u are not duly vp hahaha.

Celestino Siglos: You better SHUT UP Ms. Robredo... it still the limelight of former CJ Sereno... ma EPAL ka masyado... ikaw na yata ang susunod na masisipa sa pwesto pagkatapos ng recount sa ballot boxes.... abangan!

Based upon the decision of the Supreme Court in the Quo Warranto case, eight of the Justices sided with Solicitor General Jose Calida who filed the case questioning the legality of former Pres. Benigno Aquino III's appointment of Sereno as Chief Justice in 2012.

The ruling of the Supreme Court of the Philippines is immediately executory. Those who voted to oust Sereno were Justices Noel Tijam, who wrote the decision, Teresita De Castro, Lucas Bersamin, Francis Jardeleza, Samuell Martines, Andrea Reyes Jr., and Alexander Gesmundo.

Justices Antonio Carpio, Estela Bernabe, Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, Presbitero Velasco Jr., Mariano Del Castillo and Marvic Leonen dissented from the ruling.

Source: PNA / Facebook 

Netizens Reacts on VP Leni's Defense of CJ Sereno in the Quo Warranto Case (Video) Netizens Reacts on VP Leni's Defense of CJ Sereno in the Quo Warranto Case (Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on May 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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