Thinking Pinoy Faces Possible Congressional Probe for Allegedly Sharing the OFW Rescue Video

One of the country's most influential major blogger, Rey Joseph "RJ" Nito or more popularly known as Thinking Pinoy faces possible congressional probe for his alleged involvement in sharing the controversial OFW rescue video in Kuwait which causes diplomatic rows between the Philippines and Kuwait.

Thinking Pinoy who has more than one million followers on social media and claimed having Facebook Reach and Engagement higher compared to some traditional media was allegedly blamed by some OFWs in Kuwait for spreading the controversial covert operation of the DFA.

Blogger Paul Farol of Get Real Philippines, one of Nieto's critics on social media accused Thinking Pinoy of being a sham artist whose lease on online "stardom" it at its inevitable end without any hope of renewal in sight.

The sharing of the supposed to be covert rescue operations video according to Farol explaines Nieto's desperate bid to claim a bit more online fame due to the popularity of the rescue video of a distressed OFW in Kuwait but the decision of Nieto to share the video really hit him hard and his fame whoring backfired and may soon land him in front of a congressional inquiry, this time around Thinking Pinoy according to Farol may be top billed as a criminal blogger.

A petition for Congressional Inquiry was already submitted by Angkla Party-List Representative Jesulito A. Manalo who filed Resolution 1829 directing the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs to conduct joint inquiry in aid of legislation over the rescue video and the resulting diplomatic row.

Here's Some Parts of the Resolution Filed at the House of Representatives:

These events constitute an international embarrassment that required public apologies from Ambassador Villa and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, as well as a personal apology from the President to the Ambassador of Kuwait to the Philippines, a situation that should be avoided at all costs;

In order to effectively protect OFWs, Philippine diplomatic staff should ensure that they, together with the OFWs they protect, adhere to the laws of the host country, and entirely avoid a situation where they are declared persona non-grata to the detriment of the OFWs;

Philippine diplomatic staff involved in the rescue of distressed OFWs must be made aware of the proper limits of their authority, the proper procedure and decorum in conducting such rescues, and the consequences of any breach of said limitations;

It is vital that a balance be reached between the mandate of Philippine diplomatic missions to protect the interests of Philippine nationals abroad, especially of distressed OFWs, under Article 3 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and our obligations under Article 42 to respect the laws and regulations of receiving States, to not interfere in their internal affairs, and to conduct official business through the proper ministries of the receiving States.

The uploading and sharing of the supposed to be covet operations of the DFA showing Filipino Embassy officials running off with an OFW and speeding her way in a car enraged the OFW community, particularly those residing in Kuwait who could face possible retaliations from their respective employers.

There are at least 250,000 OFWs working in Kuwait right now. Most OFWs in Kuwait cited that the video embarrassed the Kuwaiti government because it tended to expose their culture of slavery.

Source: Facebook / Get Real Philippines

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