DDS & BBM Supporters Conducts Protest Actions Against VP Leni's Speaking Engagement in London (Video)

A group of DDS amd BBM supporters from different parts of the United Kingdom converged at the London School of Economics (LSE) for a protest actions against the speaking engagement of VP Leni Robredo.

The group of supporters who came from different DDS groups and BBM groups marred the speaking engagement of VP Leni Robredo who was scheduled to deliver a message about poverty and role os politics in economic growth.

Watch the Protests Actions vs. VP Leni in London:

Before the LSE event started featuring VP Leni Robredo, several indignant Filipinos based in the United Kingdom gathered in front of the main LSE building carrying placards and posters denouncing Robredo’s presence in the school.

During the said event the protesters were shouting "fake VP," while some of them even called her to step down. The DDS and BBM rallyists also chanted "No to Leni, fake VP.... Resign!" the rallyists continuously chanted as they displayed messages “No to cheating, no to fake VP.”

The LSE is a prestigious educational institution in UK that has produced more than 30 world leaders and 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners.

After VP Leni's speaking engagement, Robredo reportedly took the back door of the LSE in going out of the building to avoid facing the protesters.

This prompted the protesters to shout: “Takot si Leni, lumabas sa back door.”

Here's the Video Continuation of the Protest Actions vs. VP Leni:

Source: YouTube / Inquirer