Bobi Tiglao Reveals E-Mail to VP Leni About His Inquiry on VP Leni & Rep. Banal's Relationship

Veteran journalist and political analyst Bobi Tiglao revealed on his official social media account the controversial e-mail he sent to the camp of VP Leni in relations to his inquiry about the real score between VP Leni Robredo and Rep. Bolet Banal of Quezon City.

According to Bobi Tiglao, he shared the text version of his e-mail to his followers after a friend requested him to share his letter which is hard to read only in an image.

The letter of Tiglao detailed his inquiry about the relationship between VP Leni and Congressman Banal. The veteran journalist just wanted to get the side of VP Leni on the said issue, whether the VP will deny or confirm the alleged news about the real score between her and Rep. Banal.

Tiglao just wanted to clarify the issue because until the time he posted the e-mail, he did not received any official statement from VP Leni, denying or confirming the issue on her alleged relationship with Banal. The letter according to Tiglao is just a follow-up to his April 24 e-mail to VP Leni's camp.

Here's the Complete Statement of Bobi Tiglao:

My email to the VP. Text version per request of a friend who found it hard to read the image of my email:

Ms. Maria Leonor Robredo
Vice President
Republic of the Philippines

CC: My Facebook Timeline

Dear Madame Vice President,

I abhor fake news as much as you also seem to be, based on your recent tweet.

Sadly, I continue to get Facebook posts alleging your affair with Congressman Jorge (“Bolet”) Banal. If these are fake news , I would like to expose these as such.

However, I haven’t received any such denial from you nor from Congressman Banal, for me to write that this is a fake news.

i hope you can deny it as soon as possible so I could bury this issue finally and request FB fact-checkers to delete such falsehoods.

I requested our editor-in-chief several days back to assign a reporter to ask you this question, as this really of gathering information is the work of a reporter and not of an opinion columnist.

For some reason though, it seems my request had been ignored. Or probably our reporter was too faint of heart to do that.

This is a follow-up of my last email of April 24 addressed to your office, which you seem to have acknowledged receiving in your recent tweet— the one with the curious “bring-it-on” challenge, which I find puzzling.

As perplexing though is instead of a confirm-or-deny reply, you just accused me of being a "purveyor of fake news."

One journalistic protocol, usually though when a reporter asks a subject in person, is that the absence of a comment is taken as a confirmation.

If you prefer that Cong. Banal responds to my query, can you please send me his email.

Rest assured, I am merely doing my job as a journalist, which is to provide our readers the most accurate information on their leaders. In governance, as they say, the "personal is political.”

For example, I remember that one of your blogger- fan had asked then President Ramos in a big assembly: “What is Baby Arenas in your life? ” He answered “someone special” and then moved on to an entirely different topic. I admired him for that. Maybe you can get an idea from FVR’s response.

Please help me settle this issue, so I can move on to other more important issues.


Rigoberto Tiglao
Columnist, Manila Times

Source: Bobi Tiglao FB Page

Bobi Tiglao Reveals E-Mail to VP Leni About His Inquiry on VP Leni & Rep. Banal's Relationship Bobi Tiglao Reveals E-Mail to VP Leni About His Inquiry on VP Leni & Rep. Banal's Relationship Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 27, 2018 Rating: 5
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