Sass Sasot Exposed the Syndicate Inside the DFA on Their Botched Passport Appointment System

International political analyst and popular European-based DDS blogger Sass Rogando Sasot made another controversial expose on her Facebook Page after she received a controversial report about the alleged syndicate inside the Department of Foreign Affairs particularly on their botched passport appointment system.

The expose of Sass Rogando Sasto started after a concerned Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is a frequent traveler became the latest victim of the alleged syndicate inside the DFA. The concerned citizen took the courage to write an open letter to Sass to convey her message. 

According to the expose of the concerned netizen, his husband renew his passport and tried to book an appointment online via the official site provided by DFA, but it seems that all 3 full months have been blocked and blocked already in all locations and satellite offices. 

The netizen explained that in order to save time they could do nothing but to follow the instruction given to them by an agent who happened to secure an appointment but with very expensive payment options. She revealed that the assistance to schedule and appointment already cost her P4,500.00 excluding the passport payment fee. 

Here's the Complete Revelations of a Concerned Netizen Shared by Sasot:


Hi Sass,

I have been reading and following your blogs for quite some time now and I have seen how you have made efforts to help or raise concern on matters that impact our country or the government. I would like to request your help in escalating my concern to Sec Peter Cayetano regarding the passport appointment system in DFA.

My husband recently needed to renew his passport and tried to book an appointment online via but it seems that all 3 full monhs have been booked and blocked already in ALL locations and satellite offices. His passport is about to expire in March and the system only shows 3months so even if we wanted to book much earlier, it would have been way too early. In any case, I was surprised that, again, all appointments for the next 3 months are booked in ALL locations (check it and you’ll see!). Is this really possible??? Now I asked around and checked if any travel agencies are offering passport assistance and there seems to be a lot of them, all with available appointments on hand - and you can even select your preferred date!

When I asked how it is possible for them to secure those appointments without any applicant yet, I was told that they are being “assisted” by some DFA employees to block the schedules and in turn, they pay them. As my husband’s passport is already expiring, I used their services as I had no choice. All the schedules are blocked and I am guessing even if the appointment calendar shows 6 months, those will be blocked as well. Now, what I am really concerned about is the fee being collected. The “assistance” to schedule an appointment costs P4.500!!! this does not even include the actual passport fees. This is just for the supposedly “free” appointment schedule!!! And from what the travel agent told me, P2.500 goes to the DFA employee while the rest they keep. This is blatant corruption!!! If there are, say 30 applicants per hour on an 8-hr day, the corrupt employee is earning about P600,000 per day just blocking a whole day’s appointment in one location! I don’t think though this is just one person but there are many of them inside this government agency. It is very frustrating to know that while Tatay Digong is trying to clean up our government of corruption, this hocus-pocus blatantly exists in the agency where a lot of OFWs will be impacted. It just does not feel right to me that this practice should continue and be tolerated. Garapal ang kasakiman at pangugulang ng mga corrupt sa DFA and I cannot, for my own sanity, just sit down and just let this pass.

While I admit that I had no option but to use the “services”, I am hoping that with this letter, we can push Sec Cayetano to really look much closer into this matter and act on it. The enemy is hiding inside his fortress and he needs to find and eliminate them. If we really want a corrupt-free government, PLEASE help in stopping this practice in DFA.

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you could help in ensuring this reaches Sec Cayetano.

For my own security, I would appreciate that you do not publish my full name. But just for your benefit that I am not making this up and that I am a real person, you can find my profile in linkedin (OF) - I work for ________, an _______ company and I am one of their executives and also a freqent traveller.

Thanks again and more power to you! God Bless!


We at tried to investigate the situation and we found out that the complaint of the concerned netizen is indeed true as we tried to check all the DFA offices nationwide and all were already occupied until March 2018.

Here's the Evidences that the Online Appointment of DFA is already Full:

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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