PDEA Purchased P90.4-Million Worth of Equipment & Vehicles to Boost Anti-Drugs Ops

The country's lead agency in President Rody Duterte's War Against Illegal Drugs, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) purchased P90.4 million worth of equipment and vehicles which will boost the agency's operation capability in compliance with the President's order.

According to PDEA Director General Aaron N. Aquino stated that "With the persistent threat of illegal drugs in the country, PDEA continues to build up its capabilities, augmenting its operating units and Drug Enforcement Officers with the essential resources to thrive well in the war against drugs," the PDEA Director said.

The PDEA Chief also said that for better monitoring of drug suspects and their illegal drug activities, the agency purchased surveillance/intelligence and communication equipment, consisting of 20 remote-controlled aircraft (drone), and 166 handheld radios, for a total of P10.27 million.

The agency's newly-acquired surveillance and communication equipment would strengthen PDEA's intelligence and information-gathering and investigative capabilities.

Aside from the above-mentioned equipment, the agency also procured 100 body cameras worth P2.9 million to be worn by agents during operations. PDEA agents will be accompanied by members of the press/media presence during these operations to ensure a culture of transparency according to the statement released by Director Aquino.

The lead agency of the anti-drug campaign of Pres. Duterte also bought 752 tactical helmets and 23 reloading machines, amounting to P25.71 million.

PDEA Director Aquino was quoted as saying "The firearm reloading and protective equipment are the newest addition to PDEA's armory. These will increase our armaments in drug law enforcement, and will provide our operatives better protection during actual engagements," Aquino noted.

In order to boost the productivity of PDEA personnel, the anti-drug agency purchased 470 printers and 100 laptop computers worth P11.29 million, and to improve mobility, it acquired 38 units of Hyundai H100 personnel carriers and 38 units of Yamaha SZ150cc motorcycles, amounting to P40.22 million.

According to the leaders of the agency, the equipment and vehicles will be distributed to PDEA's national office and 17 PDEA regional offices across the Philippines.

Source: PNA

PDEA Purchased P90.4-Million Worth of Equipment & Vehicles to Boost Anti-Drugs Ops PDEA Purchased P90.4-Million Worth of Equipment & Vehicles to Boost Anti-Drugs Ops Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 18, 2018 Rating: 5
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