CHED Scholars' Open Letter and Complain About Inefficiencies Went Viral

Popular social media personality and one of the Pro-Duterte blogger Edwin Jamora also known as "Reyna" on social media shared an Open Letter to his followers about the complaint made by some CHED Scholars about the inefficiencies of the government agency. 

According to the Open Letter, the sender, a CHED Scholar is one of Edwin Jamora's friends on Facebook as his/her groups have been looking for ways on how they can air their plight as CHED Scholars.

The sender revealed that they tried the mainstream media, they reported to CHED and even asked popular bloggers such as Mocha Uson and Thinking Pinoy but their efforts were all in vain.

The purpose of their Open Letter is to ask for help, on behalf of fellow CHED scholars, in informing the public and hopefully informing the President thereafter about the inefficiencies of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) headed by Sec. Patricia Licuanan.

Here's the Complete Open Letter:


"Hello po, Reyna. We've been friends on FB since, I think, 5 years ago. I've been liking your posts every now and then but I never thought I would ever message you especially as regards a government agency concern.

We've been looking for ways on how we can air our plight as CHED scholars (we've tried the media, reporting to CHED itself only to be faced with alibis over alibis, etc). But I think this one asks for a different approach. We've been looking for ways on how to contact Mocha and other PDU30 bloggers pero efforts are futile. Emails to Mocha just bounce back. Then I remembered you doing the same.

I'd like to ask for your help, on behalf of my fellow scholars, in informing the public (and hopefully informing the president thereafter) about the inefficiencies of the Commission on Higher Education led by Sec. Patricia Licuanan.

Last year, around March 2016, they invited our schools (we are teachers and department chairs, admin personnel) to send possible nominees for the K to 12 transition scholarship program. We submitted the necessary documents and by May, we received confirmation we made it to the biggest program of the government yet insofar as education is concerned. The contract states that they will help us by financing our tuition fees, living allowances and thesis/dissertation grants with books and transpo assistance too, for as long as we purse graduate studies.

Halfway through, they changed their policy by requiring the scholars to only render 3 to 6 hours of work so they can be full time students (versus no provision like this during the start of the application). This led to the backing out of a good number of scholars. Those who chose to stay as scholars, they had to make do with the salaries commensurate to 3-6 hours of work per week. To make matters even worse, they have delayed disbursement of allowances ranging from 5 months to one year. 

Nawawala po ang aming 20k (for masters students) and 28k (for PhD students) na allowance every month. Single scholar like me they owe 420k for dissertation and living allowances (and there are thousands and thousands of scholars). Ang tanong, nasaan ang pera? Puro sila excuses. May scholar po na namatay na hindi nareleasan. Meron din pong nahiwalayan na ng asawa, napalayas sa boarding houses, nagugutom ang mga anak. And we cannot come out because we run the risk of losing our scholarships and our employment sa schools namin na under ng CHED (that is why I hope you won't spill my name and picture po, just in case this will be screenshot and featured in your followed accounts).

I'd like to send you screenshots of the posts of our fellow scholars. I hope through you, maibigay na po ang sa ganang amin. Issues have been coming out na naka-time deposit daw ang pera and hinihintay pang magmature so may tubo sila. May iba naman inefficiency lang talaga"

CHED Scholars' Open Letter and Complain About Inefficiencies Went Viral CHED Scholars' Open Letter and Complain About Inefficiencies Went Viral Reviewed by Phil Newsome on December 14, 2017 Rating: 5
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