BOC Highlights 2017 Achievements on Revenue Collections & Intensified Anti-Corruption Drive

The once dubbed as one of the corrupt agencies of government, the Bureau of Customs is now gaining attentions and significant achievements under the Duterte administration. According to the BOC their intensified action against corruption, reshuffling of personnel, and record-breaking revenue collection were among the accomplishments of the agency in 2017.

During the inaugural speech of newly-appointed BOC Commissioner Isidro Lapeña, he echoed the marching order of Pres. Rody Duterte to stop corruption and increase revenue earnings - the issues which have been haunting the bureau for decades.

In the first day of Lapeña, the Customs chief declared that he will strictly enforce the "No Tara, No Pasalubong, No Gift and No Take Policy." The former PDEA Chief despite giving everyone a clean slate, has steered clear of his one-strike policy to corrupt officials of the bureau.

In the first month of the BOC Chief, he relieved an MICP employee caught extorting money from truckers. There is also a strict enforcement of the "no benchmarking policy" which resulted in the relief and reshuffling of a total of 186 BOC personnel in a span of three months.

This includes 30 Formal Entry Division section chiefs of the two major ports, Manila International Container Port and Port of Manila, who were reassigned to other provincial ports. Also, 25 personnel were reassigned to Customs Monitoring Unit including 10 district collectors.

The newly-appointed BOC Chief also ordered the "One Assessment, No Sectioning Policy" - the removal of Formal Entry Division Sections to stop the "suki" system because of the alleged continued collusion of importers, brokers, and the Customs employees. The policy was replaced by queuing system or the "first come/first served basis" and the status verification system - a tracking system that can identify the current status of the entry documents as well as the timeframe to complete the processing.

Commissioner Lapeña also issued a memorandum that directed all offices of the BOC to act on requests and permits within five days. The BOC's main program under the new commissioner is to focus on the revenue collection of the second highest revenue generating agency of the government.

The BOC reported a record-breaking collection on duties and taxes, posting a strong November revenue collection of PHP46.470 billion, exceeding the BESF target by 12 percent. The agency also hit a record-breaking P3.8 billion collection on November 10, which is considered as the highest daily and monthly collection - a milestone in the entire history of the BOC.

Other Highlights of BOC's Accomplishment Reports on Seizures:

  • P141.2 million worth of luxury cars seized at the MICP
  • P5.3 billion worth of counterfeit goods 
  • P71.29 million worth of illegal drugs
Source: PNA

BOC Highlights 2017 Achievements on Revenue Collections & Intensified Anti-Corruption Drive BOC Highlights 2017 Achievements on Revenue Collections & Intensified Anti-Corruption Drive Reviewed by Phil Newsome on December 29, 2017 Rating: 5
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