POEA: MOU For 100,000 Filipino Job Opportunities in Japan Signed

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration announced to the media that the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) between the Philippine and Japanese government for the deployment of 100,000 Filipino workers to Japan was already signed by both parties.

Filipino workers who will be assigned to Japan is not only for professionals but the Japanese government also needed some skilled and semi-skilled workforce as well as caregivers according to POEA.

The MOU is part of the Technical Internet Training Program (TITP) of the Japanese government and various public institutions in Japan but the private sectors will also have their own share of the needed Filipino workers to Japan.

The TITP project of the Japanese government is separate from the previous program dubbed JPEPA or Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement wherein the Japanese government required medical workers such as nurses to work for Japan.

POEA Officer-in-Charge Bernard Olalia was quoted as saying in an interview that "Makakapagpapadala na po tayo ng mga OFW, mga professional, semi skilled at isasama na rin natin dito ang ating mga caregivers patungong Japan" Olalia stated.

In the next few months, all job orders for the 100,000 job opportunities in Japan will be posted in the official website of the POEA but the government gives a stern warnings to be careful with illegal recruiters.

The POEA also noted that they might allow the incoming workers to Japan not to qualify first for the language proficiency exam in the Philippines for studying Nihongo (Japanese language) before they will be deployed to Japan or their employer would allow them to perform their duties even without learning the language first.

The 100,000 job vacancies in Japan is a huge opportunities for all workers who might be affected with the ongoing crisis in the Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Source: PTVNews

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