Sasot Raises More than P500,000 for the Libel Case Against Jover Laurio

International political analyst and prominent Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot made another achievements on social media as she was able to successfully raised more than $10,000 or approximately P500,000 for the highly anticipated Libel Case against the controversial author of Pinoy Ako Blog, Josephine Vergina "Jover" Laurio.

Sasot raised the whooping amount of more than half a million pesos in just 24 hours after calling the support of her supporters through the platform.

Based upon the description of Sass Rogando Sasot on gavagives, she said that she needs the funds to cover the legal expenses for her battle against the PAB blogger who called her as an "international prostitute," a claim which was already debunked by Sasot.

The prominent blogger ensured her donors that all the people who wanted their contribution private would remain anonymous.

In a follow up post on her official Facebook account, Sass Sasot revealed that she's going to file the case against Laurio this coming November.

She was quoted as saying "I have just recently finished my master’s (graduating this month). And my current bread-and-butter is my job as an opinion columnist in the Manila Times. I’d be needing help to cover the legal expenses of this legal battle against Jover Laurio who seems to be being backed by the machinery of the Liberal Party of the Philippines.” Sasot said.

Sasot also foresee a long battle ahead and she would appreciate any help she could get. The target of filing of the case is next month as she recounted also how she was slandered by Jover Laurio after she exposed the leaked and alleged e-mail sent by Imelda Nicolas Lewis to the Yahoogroup Global Diaspora Council, the said expose made headlines as the #LeniLeaks went viral on social media.

The controversial owner of PAB, Jover Laurio published the libelous article against Sass Rogando Sasot last January 2017 and despite the post debunking the allegations, Laurio continued her tirade against Sasot in the next few days.

Source: / Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

Sasot Raises More than P500,000 for the Libel Case Against Jover Laurio Sasot Raises More than P500,000 for the Libel Case Against Jover Laurio Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 16, 2017 Rating: 5
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