DFA Sec. Cayetano Burns World-Class Debater & Al Jazeera Host Mehdi Hasan (Video)

Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano of the Department of Foreign Affairs stood his ground during an exclusive interview with world-class debater and Al Jazeera host Mehdi Hasan as he burns the internationally recognized debater who throw some intriguing questions regarding the Philippine government.

In an exclusive interview with journalist Mehdi Raza Hasan, the British political journalist and host of UpFront, the current affairs discussion, debate and analysis program of Al Jazeera English, Sec. Cayetano defended the Philippines anti-drug war campaign of Pres. Duterte by providing the factual information and not those reported by the opposition-align human rights groups.

Watch the Video Interview with Sec. Cayetano on Al Jazeera's UpFront:

Sec. Cayetano answered questions regarding the country's anti-illegal drug campaign, which include the more than 3,000 deaths as a result of police operations.

The veteran lawmaker now DFA secretary told Hasan that the victims of the anti-drug war of Pres. Duterte were drug dealers, despite the Al Jazeera host questioning the lack of due process in anti-drug operations.

Mehdi Hazan was quoted as saying "How do we know that? You didn't try them. You didn't prosecute them. You didn't charge them. You shot them on sight. That's not a democratic way of solving crime, is it?" Hasan asked.

DFA Sec. Cayetano answered brilliantly by saying "You're absolutely saying it as if you're not on the ground. Come and look. So, if I pull a gun on you here, right now, and you shoot me, it's your fault? Or it's my fault?" Cayetano said.

The entire interview with Mehdi Hasan were all based on accusations not proven or proliferated by the human rights groups who were closely associated with the opposition party. In one point of the interview, Sec. Cayetano even presented the real numbers and what really happened during the previous administration and how they twisted the facts under the Duterte administration.

Source: Facebook / Al Jazeera English

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