Compilation Videos of How Thinking Pinoy Burns LP Senators During the Senate Hearing

One of the country's most prominent Pro-Duterte blogger, Thinking Pinoy or RJ Nieto who was invited during the Senate Hearing on Fake News yesterday made headlines not only on mainstream media but also on social media as he was able to burned down all the opposition senators who were mostly members of the Liberal Party.

A viral video is now circulating online which features a compilations of face to face arguments involving Thinking Pinoy against the members of the Liberal Party.

Watch How Thinking Pinoy Burns the LP Senators:

The members of the Liberal Party who wanted to test the credibility and knowledge of Thinking Pinoy about the issue of fake news on social media includes Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Sen. Bam Aquino, Sen. Trillanes and Sen. Risa Hontiveros.

The video is now circulating on social media with hundreds of thousands of views and generated thousands of comments from netizens who applauded the way RJ Nieto demonstrated his brilliance during the Senate Hearing.

Here's Some of the Comments in the Compilation Videos:

Lwrnz Valentin: That senators always reacted to some bloggers don’t understand the word freedom of expression why they keep on insisting on their own expression of things as their advocacy of their own parties!! Just because they are lawmakers.. do make us Pilipino people look stupid at can’t understand what they meant and we they are corrupting our minds with lousy comments! Nowadays blogger are now intelligent than lawmakers!!! That’s Life!!!

Audie Chanco: My ipinion is this:TP looks better than the senators,,why? Gosh!the way he speak n answer all the question napapanganga ako,,continues at walang putol putol ang sagot,,and take note; his english is so perfect,,nakatapat ang mga nagtatanong ng matalino at may sense ang mga sagot,,hindi imbento st isa pa, nobody at his back teaching him,

Annalou Lumactod Mercado: Mukhang talagang nagpatawag kayo ng hearing about proliferation of fake news para gisahin ang TP and other popular bloggers, pero I have a feeling na sinadyang di padaluhin si SilentNoMore and Rappler? Pero kahit anong gawin niyo, di niyo matitibag ang pro-Dutertes. We Dutetards do not die, we multiply! Silent na si SilentNoMore.

Bob Castillo: its sickening to see our new senators taken by ordinary citizen as a big joke, this compared to the times of fomer senators like salonga, osmena, alvarez among others. i think filipino people see these incompetent senators to just resign.

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