Sen. Gordon Wants Sen. Trillanes Expelled from Senate

One of the country's most prominent lawmaker and a veteran public servant Senator Richard Gordon revealed in an interview with the media that he wants Senator Antonio Trillanes IV expelled from the senate. The statement of Sen. Gordon came out just days after filing an ethics complaint against the former mutineer.

In an interview with ANC's Headstart, Sen. Gordon was quoted as saying "I don’t think he belongs in the Senate. His behavior is really out of line," he told ANC's Headstart.

The senator's statement on the possible exit of Sen. Trillanes from the Senate was made by the senator when he was asked if he believes Trillanes has to be expelled from their chamber.

He replied: "I think so. You don’t call people names. You don’t insult your teammates." "There are rules. He doesn’t know his rules, that’s why he goes up to the deep end," he said.

The lawmaker who also served as chairman of the Philippine Red Cross added further that "When that happens, what do you have? A mob. You cannot have a mob in the Senate. People are expected to act in a certain way," he added.

Sen. Gordon said the State has to act on the complaint and not put it on the backburner simply because it was against one of their colleagues.

"The way things are in this country, sabi ko nga sa mga kasama ko, pag pinabayaan niyo yan, pareho tayo ng pulis—hindi natin maso-solve dahil magka-baro tayo; kasama natin yan, wag nating gawin yan," he said.

"We have to (act on it quickly) if we’re going to have self-respect. If they don’t want to suspend him, I cannot force my friends to do that. I made a speech the other day before the majority, nag-meeting kami about it...I just want to state the reasons why I have to do it."

The Senate ethics committee has agreed to proceed with Gordon's complaint, with its chairman, Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, warning offensive language uttered even in media was covered by strict parliamentary rules.

In his complaint, Gordon accused Trilllanes of committing "continuous, unabated, unparliamentary acts, language and conduct", which "is causing damage to the Senate and to the people."

Source: PNA

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