Petition to File an Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Trillanes Went Viral

A petition against Senator Antonio Trillanes in one of the world's leading complaint platform, is now making headlines on social media as it went viral after it was posted by MindaVote, a popular Facebook Page who is also the administrator of

According to the petition started by MindaVote, the petition will be delivered to the office of Sen. Richard Gordon, whom the petitioner urged to immediately file a complaint versus Trillanes with the Senate Ethics Committee.

The petition states that "Antonio Trillanes' obsession with President Rodrigo Duterte and his family needs to be stopped aas it is already interfering with the vital work of the state. The whole nation is now being held hostage by one man's megalomaniacal delusions. Trillanes is a menace to society. How long will the senate allow him to drag the institution through the mud just to satisfy his personal vendetta.

Change.Org Petition vs. Sen. Trillanes

MindaNation's petition started after Sen. Richard Gordon has said that he will file a complaint against Trillanes before the Senate Ethics Committee and move for his expulsion from the highes legislative chambers in the Philippines.

One of the most popular public figure who signed the petition against Trillanes is DILG Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing III. As of posting time more than 31,000 individuals have signed the petition.

According to Joebert Cabales from Doha, Qatar, he signed the petition because it is very clear as crystal water that Mr. Idiot Trillanes is using the senate as his propaganda venue and as a taxpayer he has the right to question why the senate is wasting money and time to discuss an issue without fact and solid proof.

Cabales was quoted as saying "Nakakahiya sa buong mundo na ang senate natin ngayon kahit chismis ay paggagastusan ng milyon-milyung pera at oras... Dapat salain muna lahat ng mga kailangang datus bago ang formal na hearing kung yan ba ay may katutuhanan.."

To Sign the Petition Please Visit the Link Here:

Change.Org Petition vs. Sen. Trillanes

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