ThinkingPinoy: Are the LDB Passbooks Real?

Veteran blogger and considered as one of the most influential social media personality in the country ThinkingPinoy or RJ Nieto asked some interesting questions about the authenticity of the Luzon Development Bank (LDB) passbooks.

According to ThinkingPinoy right after Patricia Bautista's explosive revelations of the possible ill-gotten wealth of her husband Andres Bautista, the Comelec commissioner denied the allegations and said that the LDB documents presented by Patricia are fake or exaggerated.

The statement of the Commissioner about the alleged fake LDB documents raised further suspicions among netizens, because the Commissioner was not particular about which of those documents are fake, exaggerated, or authentic.

Thinking Pinoy explained further the importance of the documents authenticity and the reasons why the Comelec chairman should admit the truth because it will surely backfire on him.

Here's the Complete Explanation of ThinkingPinoy:

Right after Patricia's August 7 revelation, Andres said the documents are fake or exaggerated, without being particular about which of them are fake, exagerrated, or, well, authentic.

Then tonight, news came out that Andres sued Patricia for robbery and extortion, claiming that Tisha broke into Andy's safe.

Wait one second.

1. They are still married and the contents of the passbooks involve dates within the marriage. Via conjugal proprietorship, how can Tisha steal what also belongs to her?

2. If Andy claims that the passbooks were stolen, does that mean he's admitting to their authenticity?

3. Even if ONLY ONE of the passbooks are authentic, that would already be enough to impeach Andy per the Corona Doctrine, as reportedly none of them are in his SALNs, so is Andy essentially telling us that he deserves to be impeached?
Source: ThinkingPinoy FB Page

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