Reasons Why the Yellows Failed to Use Kian's Death to Oust Pres. Duterte

A concerned FB Page, The Hidden Truth revealed some possible reasons why the Yellows or the Liberal Party and its allies failed to use the death of Kian Delos Santos for their alleged plans to oust President Rody Duterte.

According to the explanations made by The Hidden Truth, "When Kian died, the Yellowtards quickly seize the opportunity to use Kian against Duterte. The goal was obvious, they wanted to overthrow Duterte's administration."

When the video of Kian Delos Santos taken from the CCTV, biased news media outlets immediately jumped into the action. Their emotional presentation and reporting fanned the flames of anger.

Meanwhile, the Yellow opportunist frantically organized protests they called "Himagsikan" but even nature disagreed with them as Metro Manila was hit by a typhoon causing torrential rains in the areas where protesters planned to gather.

Highlight of the Drama:

The Yellows tried to dramatized Kian's funeral as their highlight of the drama, the procession was supposed to incite anger against Pres. Duterte as they hoped this would start  a New People Power. A certain priest even made a story comparing Kian's death to that of Jesus Christ.

The planned highlights failed because the parents of Kian Delos Santos, Zaldy and Lorenza, had their own mind. Perhaps the Yellows thought that just because Delos Santos' were poor, Lorenza and Zaldy were stupid and could be used for their political goals but they were mistaken.

The Yellows once against underestimated the intelligence of the common man. Maybe Kian's parents saw through Sen. Risa Hontiveros games. Instead of presenting the three witnesses to PAO, so a case could be filed against the policemen, Hontiveros decided to use them in a Senate Inquiry where she could be the Star of the Show.

Hontiveros wanted the three witnesses in Kian's slaying to be presented at a Senate probe. However, doing so would delay the filing of the case against the three policemen and delay justice.

Hontiveros Unbelievable Story Exposed:

In an explanations about the controversial custody of the witness under Hontiveros hands, the senator said that the witnesses for the 17-year-old's killings, two of them minors, have initially sought help from her office.

The parents of Kian would probably knew that the Yellows just use them, because they decided to chose PAO to handle their complaint instead of seeking help from the group of Sen. Risa Hontiveros.

Kian's parents definitely want quick justice their son and perhaps it was Hontiveros' refusal to hand over the three witnesses that made them realize that the Yellows are not after justice but were only using Kian's death for political gains.

The Biggest Blow to Yellowtard Propaganda:

After requesting for an audience with the President, the parents of Kian Loyd delos Santos on Monday, August 28, finally they met with Duterte where he assured that there will be no cover-up in Kian's case.

In Malacanang, Lorenza and Saldy delos Santos showed the country that they have full trust in President Duterte. The President had lunch with Kian's parents as the President assured the parents that one will meddle with the case, noting that only the courts and the fiscal will handle it.

Hindi trabaho ng Presidente ‘yan,” the President told the parents. “Trabaho namin is proteksyon ng tao,” he added. The mother of Kian expressed gratitude to the President, who vowed that those responsible for the killing of his son will be held liable and hugged President Duterte after their meeting."

Source: The Hidden Truth FB Page

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