(Must Watch) Pres. Duterte Burns Pia Ranada Anew: "Baliin Ko Yang (Daliri Mo)"

Controversial Rappler reporter Pia Ranada Robles made headlines anew on social media after her controversial question during an interview with President Rody Duterte regarding the chief executive's alleged meddling on the affairs of Comelec chairman Andres Bautista and his wife Patricia.

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 Watch How Pres. Duterte Burns Pia Ranada Anew:

Pia Ranada Robles asked "Sir, If you weren't keen on meddling in the affair so why do you called Comelec Chair Bautista and si Tisha Bautista po to Malacanang again to talk about this issue."

Pres. Duterte answered "I was not meddling, I asked him to fix his quarrel with the wife, that's the thing I could do as a lawyer, at sinabi ko tawagin mo yang si Bautista kasi may naga-reklamo sa kanya. That is the work of everybody, lalo pagka-Mayor. Sanay ako n'yan, sumbungan ako ng asawa mo, gaya ikaw, ang pera mo sa iyo lang yung pera nya pati ikaw kasali. Mga ganun."

The Rappler reporter insisted on asking the same question to Pres. Duterte about the President's alleged meddling to the problems of the Bautista Family.

Pres. Duterte further explained what really happened during his meeting between Commissioner Bautista and his wife Tisha Bautista who exposed the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Comelec commissioner. At the end, Pia Ranada made a thumbs up sign which made the President noticed and reminded her be fair with her report because he will broke the reporter's thumb once she will report a slanted news. 

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(Must Watch) Pres. Duterte Burns Pia Ranada Anew: "Baliin Ko Yang (Daliri Mo)" (Must Watch) Pres. Duterte Burns Pia Ranada Anew: "Baliin Ko Yang (Daliri Mo)" Reviewed by PhilNews XYZ on 8/08/2017 Rating: 5

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