Netizens Commends AirAsia's Gestures of Extending Baggage Allowance to AFP Members

The viral story about how the Bayanihan spirit worked among Filipinos during a flight of some soldiers with AirAsia during the past few days caught the attention of the management of AirAsia, one of the fastest growing airlines in the Philippines today.

AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Capt. Dexter Comendador announced through the official Facebook Page of AirAsia Philippines that they will extend free baggage allowance to all AFP personnel on a peace-keeping mission to any of their flights upon presentation of their official ID and mission order effective immediately.

The statement of AirAsia came out after the viral post of Pro-Duterte blogger Erik Clark Su which originally came from Inday Rakel, wherein three soldiers bound to Mindanao got some problems with their excess baggage which resulted into showcasing the Bayanihan spirit of his fellow passengers who lend their extra baggage to the three soldiers.

Netizens lauded the gestures of AirAsia for extending the baggage allowance to all members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in any part of the country while traveling with AirAsia.

Here's Some of the Positive Comments Received by AirAsia Philippines:

Ralph Motherdont: Kaya pala the other day in my trip from KL libre ang meal, M&M at merienda ko. May may welcome address pa from the captain. Nahiya ako hindi ako tumayo but i personally thanked the Pilot (Captain Dan Bagapuro) with picture pa. To God be the Glory

Prinze Andre' Cheeno: Mabuhay ang #AirAsia... ang #CebuPacific ang dinulot sa bayan ay puro delayed flight lang at mga masusungit na check in counter pero di naman lahat..

Rob Carrillo: wow! parang ka gabi ko lang nabasa ung story na yon. Tapos ayan may tugon na! Thank you so much Air Asia at sa nag post nang story para maipa abot sa Air Asia. To God be the Glory!

Mich Garcia: May iba ditong nag cocomment na kundi pa maiipost di pa mabbgyan ng privilege. Syempre wala naman talagang ganung rule nag suggest lang yung nag post. Lets just be grateful that this airline appreciates the service of our soldiers. Thank you airasia! 

Ollie Lagundi: Good job #airasia! Kaganina ko lng nabasa tong story sa 3 soldiers. I felt bad for them. But now... pak! Abtik ang airasia!

Irish Burgos Junasa: Salamat #AirAsia.. mabuhay kayo! Safe tayo dahil sa sakripisyo ng magigiting nating mga sundalo. This will mean alot for them.. Let's all pray for their safety as well. 

Richard Concrenio: This is a good move Airasia.One of the few things we can offer is the appreciation to the sacrifices of our men in uniform.Good job!!!

Netizens Commends AirAsia's Gestures of Extending Baggage Allowance to AFP Members Netizens Commends AirAsia's Gestures of Extending Baggage Allowance to AFP Members Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 7/20/2017 Rating: 5

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