Ex-Soldier's Suggestions on How to Deal with NPA Rebels Went Viral on Social Media

An ex-soldier who is an elite member of the Scout Ranger Regiment fighting insurgents in Mindanao during the 80's & 90's Sir Abe Purugganan made some suggestions to the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte on how to deal with the New People's Army (NPA) rebels and other insurgents who keeps on challenging the national government.

According to Abe Purugganan despite the fact that the Duterte administration offered peace talks the insurgents keeps on attacking our forces, for him there's no need for a peace talks with the Reds.

He also suspected the insurgents of getting concessions from government while we talk peace they could be strengthening their organizations, so we should not insist on peace talks.

Peace talks can be only achieved between the government and CPP-NPA provided that they will agree with some of the suggestions he offered, such as ending of giving concessions to the CPP-NDF, the PNP-AFP will continue to launch an offensives, peace talks will be in the Philippines, Martial Law will be declared in NPA-infested areas and suspend the budgets of the party-list representatives allied with the communist rebels.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sir Abe Purugganan:

We are talking with them yet they are attacking.

We offer peaceful political solutions yet they continue to take the way of violence.These people glory in the death of their fellow Filipinos.

So what is the use of talking? We know that they use the peace process to get concessions from government. We know that peace talk is there way to strengthen their organizations. And why do we insist then?

Why? Because we are tired of this war. Despite their treachery, we continue to offer peaceful way for their communist agenda because peace is what Filipinos want. But they continue to defy the will of our people.

So much goodwill have been given to them at the expense of taxpayers money and lives of people especially our soldiers and policemen. Are we still willing to take the risk of offering peace to the communists?

This is my desire and it may not agree with yours:

I want the peace process to go on with the following but's:

1- No more concessions. No more release of prisoners.

2- AFP and PNP will launched an all out offensive.

3- Martial law will be declared in areas where there will be incidence of NPA tactical offensive.

4- Peace talks will be in the country not in Europe.

5- Suspend the release of budgets to communist party list representative in Congress.

I submit this as a recommendation to Pres Duterte. I hope and pray that he gets it.

Source: Abe Purugganan FB Page

Ex-Soldier's Suggestions on How to Deal with NPA Rebels Went Viral on Social Media Ex-Soldier's Suggestions on How to Deal with NPA Rebels Went Viral on Social Media Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 7/22/2017 Rating: 5

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