UP Doctor Lambasts Martial Law Critics of Pres. Duterte: "Para Kayong Tanga!"

Concerned netizen and a veteran University of the Philippines (UP) doctor, Ethel Pineda lambast the critics of Pres. Duterte especially on his proclamation of Martial Law in the entire island of Mindanao. The UP alumnus lectured those people who were considered as critics of the Duterte admin as she noted "Para kayong tanga!"

For the past few days since the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao some groups in Manila showed their disappointment and disagreement with Pres. Duterte's declaration as they staged numerous rallies in various parts of Metro Manila.

Pineda described the real situation of the Maute invasion in Marawi City by citing facts about ISIS as well as the casualties so far in the ongoing war between the government forces and the terrorist groups that pledged allegiance with the international terrorist organization.

Dra. Pineda also presented some statistics on the deaths caused by the terrorist group in the Philippines especially in the Islamic City of Marawi and stated that the numbers could still rise.

The concerned netizen also noted on the later part of her post about the real character of the ISIS terrorist group as she described the group's "single-mindedness." The Maute Group and Abu Sayyaf Group who pledged allegiance with ISIS have no discretion as to who should be victimized or who should be killed.

Here's the Complete Statement of Ethel Pineda:


The mission of ISIS is to establish a caliphate, an international Islamic state that transcends boundaries. 170,000 have been killed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. As of 2016 there have been 143 attacks in 29 countries, killing 1,200 -2,042 (reports vary).

The ISIS invasion of Marawi has already cost the lives of 100; 16 of them civilians including three women and a child, 11 soldiers and four policemen. The war is still raging. The toll may still rise.

The President, in his wisdom, has declared martial law. Some point out that the trouble is only in Marawi. Why the whole Mindanao? Bakit, naglalakad lang ba ang mga terrorists ? Akala niyo diyan lang sila?

And the hue and cry! These people are afraid of the martial law bogeyman under their beds, oblivious of the reality that ISIS is here.

The ISIS is single-minded in its goal. World domination. Islamization. The propaganda of the ISIS calls for wholesale destruction, death, (sunugin, saksakin, patayin) of the unbelievers. Their militants will not distinguish if you are anti or pro martial law, if you are Yellow, Red, or Blue. Franklin Drilon, Winnie Monsod, the peanut vendor in the middle of EDSA traffic hell, or YOU must convert or die.

No to martial law? Peaceful conflict resolution?



UP Doctor Lambasts Martial Law Critics of Pres. Duterte: "Para Kayong Tanga!" UP Doctor Lambasts Martial Law Critics of Pres. Duterte: "Para Kayong Tanga!" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 6/01/2017 Rating: 5

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