Thinking Pinoy Exposed How Rappler Spreads Fake News During Resort World Incident

Popular blogger Thinking Pinoy exposed on his latest article how Rappler which is headed by Maria Ressa spreads fake news during the Resort World Incident which caused the death of least 37 people and injuring dozens of guests.

Photo Credit: ThinkingPinoy.Net
According to Thinking Pinoy, Maria Ressa is not contented with feloniously leaking classified diplomatic communications, this time she is engaged in fearmongering that is not unlikely to have increased the death toll of the Resort World attack.

Thinking Pinoy stated that Rappler's report of ISIS claiming responsibility for RWM attack at around 2:15 AM of June 2, 2017, just a couple of hours from when the attacker started the onslaught, is bad enough for the news outlet.

The title of the article is even worse, the original title states "ISIS claims responsibility for Resorts World Manila Casnio Attack," failed to reflect the fact that the "ISIS claim" was just an opinion from a person. The title made it appear that Rappler itself ssaw ISIS claim the attack, even if it's just Rita Katz who said they did.

Due to numerous flak Rappler received online, they changed the title into "ISIS Filipino operative' behind Resorts World Manila attack - SITE."

According to Thinking Pinoy there is indeed some consequences of the sloppy journalism presented by Rappler. The veteran blogger explains that RWM was put at lockdown at 2:02 A.M., so it's impossible for anyone to get out of the building.

Thinking Pinoy speculates that If he were inside RWM during the lock-down, and clueless of the real situation, the logical thing to do would be to whip out his smartphone and check for news on social media.

At around 2:13 AM when the attack was ongoing, nobody know how many attackers were there and where they are and no major news outlet has confirmed the claim that ISIS attack RWM except Rappler.

During that time everyone in the world wanted to know what's going on, but when Rappler publishes that ISIS claims responsibility, the article went viral immediately as they became the first news network to legitimzed rumors of a terrorist attack.

Thus, a person stranded inside will be made to choose between:

1. Finding a way to exit the building but risk being shot at by terrorist, or
2. Staying wherever they are but risk death from asphyxiation.

Thinking Pinoy noted that how likely is it that some of the 35 chose the latter? That, we may never know. What is clear, however, is that Rappler would have served the public better, especially those locked inside the building, some of whom died, if it just chose to shut up, but Rappler didn't do so.

To know more about the story by Thinking Pinoy, just head on to the official website of RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy.

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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