Is the Viral Meme of Sen. Risa Hontiveros Defending the Maute Group Fake or Real?

Aside from the controversial statement of Sen. Risa Hontiveros during an interview with UNTV hosted by veteran journalist Daniel Razon, defining Maute's attack of Marawi as not an invasion nor a rebellion, the senator also drew flak online for her alleged statement defending Maute Group.

The alleged meme featuring Sen. Risa Hontiveros went viral on social media as numerous netizens shared the alleged quotes of the newly-elected senator.

Here's the alleged statement of Sen. Hontiveros:

"what Maute Group are doing is not rebellion. I believe they are only doing what they think is right, This people has a belief, a conviction that pushed them to move forward. Maaring pagod na sila sa mga nangyayari sa Lipunan at least they have the motivation. We should be inspired of what they are doing. They are the epitome of courage and resilience."

One of those who wanted to know the real story behind the controversial meme or alleged statement of Sen. Hontiveros, is no other than former DILG Sec. Raffy Alunan, who also asked Rappler to confirm whether the meme that carried their logo is true or not.

Here's the Statement of Rafael Alunan on Facebook:

That's absurd. Can't believe the twisted reasoning. Is the meme from Rappler? Is the quote accurate or a ln accurate representation of her recorded views?

Killing soldiers and policemen; hostaging and beheading civilians; looting banks and commercial outlets; burning churches and schools; building tunnels and underground bunkers; and storing caches of military grade weapons and ammunition, isn't premeditated rebellion, terrorism and criminality?

Did she really say that considering she's the widow of a PNP officer from the PMA Class of '86 (Frank Baraquel)? If she did, she's giving aid and comfort to terrorists who have come together to wreck Marawi. Being an elected lawmaker, her sympathy for inhuman lawbreakers is unbecoming and repulsive.

That meme carries a Rappler logo. Is the quote accurate or not?

According to some netizens, the definition of Sen. Risa Hontiveros about rebellion and invasion is indeed a fact, as evidenced by the viral video now circulating on social media, but the alleged statement of Sen. Hontiveros is fake.

As of posting time, Rappler and the office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros did not release an official statement yet regarding the viral meme now circulating on social media.

Source: Facebook / YouTube

Is the Viral Meme of Sen. Risa Hontiveros Defending the Maute Group Fake or Real? Is the Viral Meme of Sen. Risa Hontiveros Defending the Maute Group Fake or Real? Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 6/09/2017 Rating: 5

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