US-Based TV Show Host Criticize Gascon for Sneaking Callamard Naming Him as "Devil's Advocate"

A concerned Filipino individual and a US-based TV host, Joel Inocencio of "I Am Pinoy, Proud Pinoy" host, criticized Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairman Chito Gascon for serving as a devil's advocate after the CHR allegedly sneaks Dr. Callamard to the Philippines.

According to te US-based TV show host, CHR Chairman Chito Gascon does not have the capacity to fool the nation. Joel Inocencio revealed that Gascon sneaked Dr. Agnes Callamard into the Philippines so he could support for his narrative on the situation of the Philippines in the aspect of human rights violations.

The UN rapporteur was first seen at an even by the CHR  last week and the Palace expressed its dismay at how Callamard was not able to state her visit as she literally took the government by surprise.

CHR chairman Gascon immediately defended Dr. Callamard's visit to the Philippines by saying that her visit was "academic" in nature.

Gascon explained Callamard's visit by saying that "She is here not in her official function as special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings to conduct a visit," he explained. "She's here under a separate program of the Unite Nations for what is referred to as an academic visit."

Due to the defensive statements released by CHR chairman Gascon, Inocencio claimed that the CHR chairman was trying to manipulate the country with his excuse.

Here's the Complete Statement of Joel Inocencio:

CHR Chair Gascon nice job sneaking Callamard under the radar into the country hoping to gather support to your narrative of EJK. You FOOL ARE A DEVIL'S ADVOCATE!

You think you can fool the Filipinos! You have been invited by the PNP to look into their data of the killing statistics, instead you chose the shitty data full of overblown numbers without supporting evidence from mainstream media. Your annual budget was even increase by President Duterte from 400 to 700 million pesos annually in order to support your suppose job of protecting the human rights.

Despite all your efforts to demonize him. I don't know what it takes to kick you out of your position. We certainly would like to know because we the Filipinos will no longer tolerate your incessant campaign to make it look like, sound like, in your own words: "We have entered a period of darkness, the sun is gone, night has fallen."


That is your own selective observation to justify your narratives.

The Philippines is rising back from it's slumber and years of decay. The Tiger of Asia has awakened. The people are enlightened and no longer buying propaganda to advance your agenda. Change is here and more than 90% appreciates the historic progress.

More than 90% say so. Economist say so. ASEAN and Gulf leaders say so. Russian and China Presidents say so. Even the President of the US say so.

So who would like us to believe? You and your clowns or the credible leaders whose desire is to see the Philippines get back into good shape?

Source: Joel Inocencio FB Page

US-Based TV Show Host Criticize Gascon for Sneaking Callamard Naming Him as "Devil's Advocate" US-Based TV Show Host Criticize Gascon for Sneaking Callamard Naming Him as "Devil's Advocate" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 5/08/2017 Rating: 5

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