R. Tiglao Reveals Callamard's Big Lie About the UN Resolution

Veteran journalist and former Philippine ambassador to Cyprus and Greece, Rigoberto Tiglao revealed on his latest article on The Manila Times the "Big Lie" allegedly committed by UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard.

During the speech of Dr. Callamard at a Philippine Commission on Human Rights event last Friday, the Special Rapporteur Callamard said: "In April 2016, the general assembly of the world's government recognized explicitly that the war on drugs does not work."

Tiglao debunked the claims made by Dr. Callamard and stated that she is lying. The United Nations General Assembly never made such a declaration,explicitly or implicitly.

The former ambassador revealed that the UN General Assembly's lengthy 11,000-word resolution (UN Document A/RES/S-30/1) issued April 19 entitled "Our joint commitment to effectively addressing and countering the world drug problem" did not even use the term "war on drugs, " much less did it say it "doesn't work."

The resolution according to Tiglao even recognized "tangible progress has been achieved" as result of efforts of nations to combat the global drug problem. What the resolution highlighted in its paragraph was its concern that "the availability of internationally controlled drugs for medical and scientific purposes, including for the relief of pain and suffering, remains low to non-existent in many countries of the world" - a veiled reference to the growing lobby to legalize marijuana.

R. Tiglao also noted that maybe Callamard or the lady from New York think that Filipinos are so backward that they'll be unable to access a UN document to fact-check her claim.

The UN rapporteur is not even qualified to talk about the success or failure of countries' anti-drug campaigns, as she is a Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial or arbitrary executions. Despite its highfalutin’ title, it is really researcher for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which has 56 such rapporteurs, which is French for reporter.

To know more about the revelations made by Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of the The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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