Thinking Pinoy Interview with PNP Debunking Reports of 7000 EJKs (Viral Video)

One of the country's most popular social media personality Thinking Pinoy or RJ Nieto interviewed Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Senior Supt. Deonardo Carlos who clarifies the real statistics on Pres. Rody Duterte's War on Narcopolitics.

According to S/Supt. Carlos debunks Rappler's claims of 7,000 extra-judicial killings under Pres. Duterte's war on drugs. The PNP explained the real numbers by stating that there are only 6,011 homicide cases, these are formerly called as deaths under investigation (DUIs).

Watch the Video Interview with the PNP:

The PNP determined that there are only 1,398 cases that are drug-related which is very far from the claimed made by Rappler that there are 7,000 EJKs or drug-related deaths in the Philippines, the same number that was picked up by some locals and international news media outlets.

S/Supt. Carlos debunks Rappler claims, it's automatically wrong to say that there have been 7,000 EJKs or summary executions that they attribute to the campaign versus illegal drugs.

The PNP revealed that 6,011 homicide cases were recorded from July 1, 2016 up to March 21, 2017.  What the biased media did, they took the number of deaths from police operations add it to the death from various reasons, then say the deaths are all drug-related, which is wrong.

The 1,3898 drug-related cases were determined after the investigation of the PNP, they found out that those cases were connected to drug-related issues. There are names of victims, suspects, places and not just numeral data and these are not necessarily deaths resulting from EJKs.

The PNP also revealed that the real results of Pres. Duterte's War on Illega Drugs is Drop on all other types of crimes. Rape incidents dropped, Physical Injury dropped, Theft and Robbery incidents dropped, Carnapping and Motornapping cases dropped, and Homicide Incidents also dropped.

S/Supt. Carlos shared that the greatest accomplishments in Pres. Duterte's war on drugs is the huge drop of crime rates, which is first time in the history of the PNP. The crime rate in the Philippines as a results on the War on Drugs dropped at 60%.

Source: Thinking Pinoy FB Page

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