Whistleblower Reveals Names of Media Companies Earning Millions in Making Anti-Duterte Stories

Concerned netizen Dan Jimenez posted controversial expose on social media shared by some whistleblowers who revealed the names of media companies allegedly earning millions by making up stories to discredit Pres. Duterte's war on illegal drugs.

Jimenez posted the controversial report by authors hiding in pseudonym 'Dimasalang, Mulawin and Judea." According to the authors of the expose some Filipino journalists and foreign correspondents allegedly earned money by discrediting the current admin's war on drugs.

Based upon the expose the story is based on the unpublished book written by an unnamed reporter from Reuters, who revealed that payments made to biased reporters were given inside fat envelopes delivered to them.

The expose stated that some media outlets who picked up the discrediting stories with unsubstantiated claims allegedly received $50,000 (PHP 2,500,000) from the people who funded the destabilization plot against the former Mayor of Davao City.

The whistleblower journalist from Reuters claimed that he cannot live with the lies and deceit anymore so he revealed some information about the alleged payments received by some media outlets to make the President's image bad in the international community.

The source cited that four international news media companies and two local companies are in the list:
  • Time Magazine (International)
  • The Washington Post (International)
  • The New York Times (International)
  • The Daily Mail (International)
  • The Inquirer (Local)
  • ABS-CBN (Local)
Here's the Complete Statement of Dan Jimenez:

Special Report: Journalists describe lie rewards, made up crime stories in Duterte's drug war By Dimasalang, Mulawin & Judea

Philippine Journalists and foreign correspondents have received cash payments for making up stories and reporting unsubstantiated claims to discredit Duterte's war on drugs. Detailed in a yet unpublished book written by an unnamed Reuters' reporter, payments in fat envelopes were delivered almost like clockwork to those who wrote the most outrageous claims. False stories that are picked up by main media outlets and syndicated shows mete the most money to the tune of $50,000 per story at least. The whistle blower journalist confessed that he could not live with the lies and the deceit anymore and that truth which he had sworn to uphold became the first casualty in Duterte's war on drugs.

How prevalent is the payola? Our unnamed source confirmed that there are a lot more money to be had and that news organizations are dipping like crazy into the pot. He cited the competition provided by social media as one of traditional media's killer, thus the impetus to look for another source of income. Asked who are the financiers in the effort to discredit the war on drugs, he categorically stated, those who will profit from its failure. And that the drug killings attributed to Duterte are the best arguments to oust him whether such can be proven or not.

Asked to name the news organizations involved in the orchestrated move to discredit the drug war, he cited Reuters, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The Inquirer and ABS-CBN. Attempts to get reactions from the said media outlets remain unanswered as of this writing.

Source: Facebook

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