Sister of Former Sen. Santiago Criticized UP Students for their Arrogance As If They Own the University

The sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Paula Defensor Knack criticized the arrogance of students from the University of the Philippines (UP) particularly in the issue about the doctorate Honoris Causa which was supposed to be given to pres. Rody Duterte.

Paula Knack lambasts UP for conferring Honoris Causa to politicians who practiced what the Isko and Iska really hates. She also mentioned former Presidents Cory and Benigno Aquino who both bestowed with doctorates honoris cause by UP while they are allegedly part of the oligarchs who committed massacres and oppression of farmers.

The sister of Sen. Miriam made mention also of former Pres. Ramos, the arch-rival and nemesis of the late Sen. Santiago and even labeled the former President as a "Cheater from Hell" who also received an honorary degree from UP.

Knack also questioned the standards of the UP Students ho condemned the planned honorary degree for President Duterte by the UP Board of Regents but was later refused by the former Mayor from Davao City.

She also questioned UP on the reasons why they did not conferred a doctorate honoris causa to former Pres. Marcos who is also an alumni of the University of the Philippines.

Here's the Complete Statement of Paula Defensor Knack:

I DONT LIKE THIS ARROGANCE about doctorates honoris causa AT ALL.

I have 2 academic degrees from UP. I studied with 3 honor scholarships and thank UP for them. I was also awarded the Presidential Medal for Academic Excellence in my undergraduate degree. In all the rallies and protest actions during martial law, I was always there and was elected student leader many, many times sometimes in absentia.

Aquino and his mother were conferred doctorates honoris causa by UP. I have nothing against it because UP, being the state university, always confers doctorates honoris causa to elected presidents.
But both administrations were plagued by issues of corruption, plunder, oppression of farmers, massacres (crimes against humanity), subservienece to a former colonial power, and cronyism by oligarchs - everything UP is against. And tada... Fidel Ramos, the cheater from hell, also has honorary doctorates ! yuck.

Now here comes Duterte who didnt ask for a doctorate but there is an alleged offer to confer one to him as head of state. He is not a UP graduate. Will UP graduates act arrogantly again ? Who conferred doctorates to the 2 Aquinos anyway ?

I dont get it. Remember, the dictator Marcos is our alumni too, whom you strongly condemn. So whats the criteria now ? FRIENDSHIP ? PLEASING PERSONALITY ? STAGE APPEARANCE ? SWIMSUIT and EVENING GOWN ? -:) Honestly, I dont think Duterte is the type who craves for a doctorate honoris causa. Honoris causa ?! Were the previous presidents very honorable ? Sen. Miriam said : "Mga tiga UP ang yabang yabang ! Akala mo kung sino..." Let's be fair. UP is not just for rich oligarchs. Its for everyone. Lets be fair. We studied through taxpayers money. Iskolar ng bayan. Yet some of us act like WE OWN people's taxes.

Source: Paula Santiago Knack FB Page

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