Thinking Pinoy Reveals How Mar Roxas Allegedly Used a PR Firm to Attack Pres. Aquino

Popular social media personality Thinking Pinoy made another explosive exposes on the alleged strategy of presidential candidate Mar Roxas for his desperate attempt to salvage his political ambitions. Mar Roxas allegedly engaged in a multi-million PR campaign, against Aquino, a campaign aimed at pinning all the blame to the former President the mistakes made during the controversial Mamasapano incident.

Thinking Pinoy started his latest expose of the alleged PR campaign of Mar Roxas by introducing a close friend, Michael "Mike" Acebedo Lopez, former National Youth Commissioner and former MTRCB Board Member.

The veteran blogger RJ Nieto or Thinking Pinoy investigates the information given by Mike Acebedo Lopez and at the same time discussed the real happenings during the Mamasapano clash that cost the lives of the 44 members of the PNP Special Action Forces (SAF).

The Mamasapano clash was made more controversial because of the fact that it was headed by Pres. Aquino and then PNP Chief Alan Purisima, who was suspended from service at the time. Former DILG Secretary, who had the authority over the PNP, was reportedly not notified of the operation.

According to Thinking Pinoy's source, Mike Lopez, a publicist-friend, a well-known figure in the political PR industry contacted him and asked for help in coming up with a list of Anti-Aquino Twitter hashtags relating to the Mamasapano Clash, for use in a PR campaign to be launched at 6:00 PM of the same day.

Lopez asked the PR manager about the purpose behind the request. According to Lopez, she said Roxas' DILG Chief of Staff Tomasito Villarin commissioned her to launch a PR campaign aimed at pinning the blame over Mamasapano onto Aquino, with the hope of minimizing the bad publicity that Villarin's principal, DILG Sec. Roxas, would receive.

Mike Lopez and the PR operator which was later revealed as Joyce Ramirez, the lead publicist of PR Asia Worldwide agreed to use the hashtag "#NasaanAngPangulo" which became one of the worldwide Trending topic during that time.

The source of Thinking Pinoy also revealed that her publicist-friend maintains a fleet of major social media influencers with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of followers, enabling the latter to manipulate Twitter trending topics to her client's favor.

The alleged plans of Mar Roxas caught the public's eye after major evening newscast such TV Patrol, 24 Oras, and Bandila reported about the failure of Pres. Aquino to attend the arrival of the fallen 44. According to Lopez since then, his publicist-friend's PR firm reused this amazingly successful hashtag every time Aquino went missing in the middle of a crisis.

Although Lopez did not name the PR operator but Thinking Pinoy investigates after Lopez provided enough information to find out who she is. According to Lopez his publicist-friend pool of influencers include social media superstar Senyora, formerly known as Senyora Santibanez who happens to be one of Thinking Pinoy's friend.

Senyora confirmed to Thinking Pinoy that she used to work with the PR firm that handled #NasaanAngPangulo, but she cut ties with the company not long after that, citing the publicist's habit of shortchanging her social media influencers.

Thinking Pinoy also shared an excel documents showing the "#NasaanAngPangulo" case study wherein they discussed the amounts used on their PR campaign which involves huge amount of money given to notable news media outlets.

To know more about the expose of Thinking Pinoy about the alleged PR strategy of Mar Roxas against his fellow Liberal Party member former Pres. Aquino, please Read the Full Story Written by Thinking Pinoy.

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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