Mocha Uson Willing to Resign from MTRCB Due to the Agency's Failures on Regulating TV Shows

Prominent social media personality and considered as one of the most influential figure in social media in the Philippines, MTRCB Board Member Mocha Uson revealed on her Facebook that she is willing to resign from MTRCB due to the agency's failures on regulating TV shows.

Mocha Uson stated during her live Facebook video that she investigates the complaint raised by some netizens on the two TV shows by ABS-CBN titled "The Better Half" and another episode from Ipaglaban Mo.

According to Mocha Uson, there are 30 members of the Board of MTRCB and most of them were appointees of the former President, although she keeps on disagreeing with some policies of the MTRCB, she could do nothing because of the connections of some members of the board to major TV networks.

Watch Mocha Uson Signifying her Intentions to Resign as MTRCB Board Member: 

The popular blogger who has more than 4 million followers on Facebook also revealed that, the MTRCB Chairman will only choose three MTRCB members who will review a certain TV shows.

The TV networks on their part will submit incomplete details or only part of the episode because of the fact that the TV networks was used to Self-Regulation, which means it's up to the network to decide whether the show is Rated PG or SPG.

Mocha Uson stated on her viral video that she is willing to resign from her office as Board Member because of the failure of the agency to regulate TV shows and it's useless for the government and considered as losses for the taxpayer's money.

Here's Some of the Reactions from Supporters of Mocha Uson:

REyshel MAjen ESteban: cge ilabas mo lahat yung baho ng mga bayarang MTRCB para matauhan! Wag kang umalis Ms Mocha para lahat ng evidence eh makuha mo para mapatalsik yung mga MTRCB na mukhang pera!

Hermie Jun Caluza Campos: abolish mtrcb. useless agency. create a new and effective sensorship agency to regulate tv shows for public viewing...sobra na ang mga palabas sa tv na dapat di makita ng mga minors

Maya Bikol: stand to your position ganoon talaga pag nasa good side konti lang ang representative but they put you in that position to minimize evil, be strong we believe and trust you.

Rafael Dela Cruz: kaya ka nila sinasabihan na hindi ka qualified ay makikita mo ang mga bulok na sistema at yong iba dyan ay baka tumatanggap ng pera sa malalaking networks..     

Abby B Malmström: MOCHA do not resign PLS! show to detractors na kaya mo yan! U have to give ur best shot! Don't ever give up, coz if U did, they win!

Source: Mocha Uson Blog

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