Loida Nicolas-Lewis Calls for Pres. Duterte's Resignation Anew

Loida Nicolas-Lewis, the billionaire backer of the Liberal Party and Hillary Clinton in the United States, Loida Nicolas-Lewis called for the resignation of President Rody Duterte anew through a viral letter to the former Mayor from Davao City

According to Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Pres. Duterte should resign now, before more innocent people die, and before the family of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos deceives Filipinos once again.

Here's he Complete Statement of Loida Nicolas-Lewis:

The Billionaire who now lives in the United States and considered as one of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo's backer during the 2016 national elections revealed her reasons for calling Pres. Duterte to resign.

Loida Nicolas-Lewis stated that she supported the call for Pres. Duterte to resign because of the President's support of the Marcos burial burial which served as the first step by the Marcos family to gain power, to oppress people and take away our freedom again.

The statement of Loida Nicolas-Lewis asking Pres. Duterte to resign received mixed reactions from the camps of Pres. Duterte and from the camps of the Liberal Party or the supporters of Lewis in social media.

As far as we can remember, the first time that Loida Nicolas-Lewis called for Pres. Rody Duterte to resign was when a viral video was posted online showing her getting the attentions of netizens as he called for Duterte to step down.

Source: Loida Nicolas-Lewis FB Page

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