VP Leni Robredo Wants to Handle DSWD Because It's Her Expertise

The controversial Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines who is nowhere to be found during the time when Bagyong Nina victims on her home province in Bicol needed her the most, VP  Robredo stated in an earlier interview that if she is a chance to be part of the Duterte Cabinet she wants to handle the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DPWH), because it's her expertise.

In an unspecified date of the interview, TV host Noli De Castro asked about the possible position that VP Leni Robredo wants if she is given the chance.

VP Robredo then responded by saying that "Ako po very vocal naman po ako, kahit po nung kandidato pa lang ako, na kung bibigyan po ako ng extra assignments sana po, ah... yong posisyon na mag-aasikaso ng anti-poverty programs ng gobyerno." she said.

The Vice President added further that "Ah... may isang departamento po na nag-aasikaso n'yan DSWD. Ah meron po tayong Anti-Poverty cluster na mas comprehensibo yong pagtingin sa mga anti-poverty programs. Ito naman po kasing yong expertise ko mula noon," VP Leni Robredo stated.

Watch the Interview of VP Leni Robredo Who Wants to be Head of DSWD:

For the past few days, the Vice President of the Philippines have been the hottest topic on social media after netizens ridiculed her online for her decision to prioritize her Christmas vacation rather than helping the victims of Bagyong Nina in her home province.

According to the camps of the Vice President, although VP Robredo is not present here in the Philippines, she continues to monitor the relief efforts of the group with the help of the international community.

Instead of getting sympathy from netizens, the unbelievers of VP Robredo discovered some controversies with the photos of her team posted on their FB Page, showing USAid Workers collaborating with the VP Robredo's team but later on it was discovered that the photo was originally taken during the height of Bagyong Yolanda and not during Bagyong Nina.

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