Mocha Uson Reveals List of Achievements Made by Sec. Tugade to Silence Critics

Well known celebrity turned social media activist supporting Pres. Rody Duterte, Mocha Uson, shared some of the achievements made by DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade to the delight of the Duterte supporters.

According to Mocha Uson, Sec. Arthur Tugade of the Department of Transportation really deserved commendations for his achievements although there are some critic who keeps on attacking the secretary, the silent worker just proved to the Filipino people how he worked in support of the Duterte admin.

Most of the achievements of DOTr Sec. Tugade were not reported by the alleged bias media in the Philippines who just keep on reporting the bad side of the President but failed to present the achievements of the Duterte admin within a short span of time.

Mocha also noted that although the Transportation remained silent against his critics and detractors, the secretary keeps working diligently to proved that he is worthy for the job given by Pres. Duterte.

Here's the Complete Statement of Mocha Uson:

Eto mahirap sa ating bayan. Pwede naman pumuna pero wag lang talak ng talak samahan din ng trabaho. Eto nasa kaliwa panay presscon at paninira lang kay Sec Tugade. Si Sec Tugade ay isang napakasipag na kalihim ni PRRD. Hindi ko sinasbing perpekto pero sobra ang pagtratrabaho nito.
Eto ang mga nagawa na ni Sec Tugade, hindi yan puro meeting o presscon lang tulad ni Leni.

1. On time flight arrivals increased from 40-70%
2. Extending validity of Drivers Licenses from 3 yrs to 5 yrs
3. Eradicated Laglag Bala
4. Opened camp Aguinaldo to vehicular traffic
5. Regulated mall sales. No more Friday mega sales

6. Regulated mall deliveries. Only 11pm-5pm
7. I-ACT Towed 6,500 illegally parked vehicles since September
8. Issued over 200k traffic violation tickets all over the country since Sept. despite lack of enforcers
9. Impounded 329 colorum vehicles
10. Opened NAIAx from T1- Macapagal Ave

11. Installed ILS (instrument landing system) in NAIA runway 2/4 that was non functional for almost 2yrs, lessening chances of flight diversions
12. Added hundreds of passenger seats in T3
13. Added 5th route to P2P . Fairview to makati. More coming
14. Night rated four airports. Legaspi Butuan Dumaguete Caticlan. Roxas following this December
15. Moved Common Station project after 7 years deadlock

16. Pursued anti corruption drive - 115 resigned retired dismissed or relieved due to corruption
17. Streamlined business processing. Examples: Application for new driver's license (LTO): 5hrs – 3.5hrs
Franchise verification (LTFRB): 3 days – 2hrs
Issuance of Seafarer’s Book (MARINA): 8hrs – 4hrs
Permit to operate Ancillary Service (PPA): 1 week – Half day
18. Paid PIATCO
19. Pushed, with DPWH, air conditioned pedestrian bridge connecting NAIA T3-Newport Mall
Source: Mocha Uson FB Page

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