DPWH-ARMM Projects Under Pres. Duterte Reaches the Fartherst Corners of Sulu

The Duterte administration made every effort to reach even the previously unreachable places of the Philippines, particularly in Southern Mindanao as the DPWH-ARMM revealed some of their major projects in the island of Sulu.

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Pres. Duterte implemented some projects in ARMM particularly in the municipalities of Kalingalan Caluan and Omar Sulu by converting a previously no mans land into a local tourism destination.

Some of the major projects in Sulu involves concreting of roads particularly the circumferential roads, making new roads, making new sea ports, and most of all a new hope for the all residents who have neglected by the previous administrations.

Here's the Complete Accomplishment Report of ARMM-DPWH:

Change can now be felt in the farthest and previously unreachable corners of Southern Philippines - in the island of the once powerful Sultanates of Sulu.

Projects being implemented recently under the Administration of President Duterte in the Municipalities of Kalingalan Caluang and Omar Sulu by the ARMM DPWH Projects is converting a no mans land into a local tourism destination.

A 32 year old local resident said that while he lived a few kilometers from the newly opened road, because of the lack of roads, he had never been able to go up those areas the past three decades.
Although he had heard, sometimes in those unreachable areas are where kidnap victims of lawless elements were held.

But with the opening of new roads to the Tagaytay like ambiance, local residents from as far as Jolo and other municipalities motor to the area and feel like in another peaceful corner of the globe like tagaytay highlands.

These areas are one of the rarely visited and accessible Municipalities mainly because for decades no concrete road projects had been built here. From 1991 to 2011 only gravelling projects were implemented by the ARMM until the Hataman administration banned the programming and implementation of non sustainable gravelling and regravelling of roads.

DE Zam Arbison said that before Hataman, the only concrete roads were the National roads which were like the main spine. But no circumferential roads were concreted. Some were once opened by cutting of coconuts almost two decades ago but it remained roads that only people, dirt bikes and a few trucks can enter.

These places were left put from development for more than fifty years but were at the center of the Moro revolutionary conflict.

Up to now, there are still violent clan wars that erupt and revolutionary forces and lawless elements by the hundreds criss cross the heavily forested landscape.

Nonetheless, with these new roads and ports in place, the locals have found a new hope for livelihood. They are blessed with the most fertile of lands and sweetest of fruits and freshest aquamarine products - which are isolated no more.

Col Faustino who is the Commanding General of the Military in Sulu told the DPWH ARMM Secretary that their battles in Sulu against the Abu Sayyaf may not solve the problem. He said that the real solution and long term solution is the building of roads to these isolated towns so they can have alternate sources of livelihood and the communities can be more prosperous.

He commended the DPWH ARMM Secretary for really going even to the most isolated areas and actually critical areas a few hundred meters from battle zones with the lawless elements just to ascertain and ensure the progress of development works.

At the rate we are building roads, there is really a huge hope that under the President Duterte administration, economic development and sustainable peace will finally come to the poorest, most conflict affected, isolated and underdeveloped areas like in Sulu.

Watch the Video Report of DPWH-ARMM:


DPWH-ARMM Projects Under Pres. Duterte Reaches the Fartherst Corners of Sulu DPWH-ARMM Projects Under Pres. Duterte Reaches the Fartherst Corners of Sulu Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 12/10/2016 Rating: 5


  1. wow pde mag-apply kahit surveyor lng?

    1. nku tapos na yata... congratulations! kakaiba nga talaga ang bagong administration... noong time ni cory sabi mag attend cya ng inauguration ng kumalarang minihydro project sa isabela bsilan, pero kahit nga inauguration nlang dpa talaga nkaatend... paano din kc 1 km away from the project kuta ng mnlf :) pro safe kami kc may "protection" at mga mnlf army kmi kasama sa project


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