Netizens Lambasts International News Article Trying to Destroy Pres. Duterte's Credibility

Netizens were furious over the alleged bias reporting of an international news company who reported that Secretary Leila De Lima is the Secretary of Justice under President Rody Duterte.

In the headlines posted by Toronto Star they posted "Drug dealer testifies giving money to Philippine President Duterte's ex-justice secretary."

Concerned netizen Sass Rogando Sasot, one of the most vocal supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, asked the general public why is it that they call De Lima the ex-Justice Secretary of President Duterte?

Sasot noted that the news report of the Toronto Star is allegedly bias for their headlines although the news headlines was already replaced by a different headlines.

The news report posted by Toronto Star was written by Teresa Cerojano for the Associated Press.

Here are Some of the Angry Comments from Netizens:

Jhun Lao Sanchez: news like this should be sued for misleading information. the gov't. should file legal charges against this kind of media that tries so hard to blindside the masses. #legallawsuit #takenoshitfrommedia #delimaexjusticesecofabnoy

Reymond Atipen Moralizon: the media themselves is the one feeding the people of lies and deceit where are those legitimate Journalist they say that tolerates this kind of act bakit ang TAHIMIK? wala bang condemnation coming from their ranks.

Lilo Superme: napaka foul namn na balita yan,,nung DOJ si delimaW di pa nman si PRRD ang presidente nun ah,,anyhow i have sent a complain report to this new company,,"the headline is totally wrong and misleading Philippine Ex-DOJ secretary Liela De Lima during her term President Rodrigo Duterte was not yet a President. This reporter are getting the nerve and an insult to every Filipino please rectify and much appreciated for a public apology. We appreciate the fact and truth of a professional journalist without any biases."

Rams Aurelio: Sa libo-libong pinoys sa toronto, hinde man lang tinanong kung ano ba talaga. Hahaha.... Hoy! (thats how pinoys endear dumb journalist) whats up guys? No one gets away with ignorance!

Bea S. Corbita: Lupa Wg po kau mag alala d na po umuobra style nilang bulok internationally..tanga nlang work ko nga araw araw pulitika pinag uusapan..yung mga supporter ni roxas,d na ngaun..kac marcos prin mostly sa inis cla kay delima at ibang lp

Grace Diana Que Choi: I don't think it's an honest mistake. Coz they could have used 'Philippines' instead of 'President Duterte'. And with the strong ties of LP with America, I don't think they will actively incriminate Noynoy as to state 'President Benigno's justice secretary. '

Kenaz MoreƱo: It's a shame to know that these kind of people who are supposed to be objective and impartial are the culprits of spreading false news and hatred, much disappointing that they are Filipinos and they are doing it to their government and responsible for misleading their countrymen. They are projecting a very bad image of their country to the whole word.

Joshua Cruz: on behalf of all canadians, i sincerely apologize. this is one of the reasons why we don't trust our own news sources. they all have a heavy liberal bias, and they're all in love with justin trudeau, who happens to be our version of mar roxas.

Ruy Frank Reston Rosales: There's something cooking. It's not a coincidence that Int'l News are twisting stories or headlines like that.
Remember Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad and Iran's leader.. International news were singing the same tune, that they are dictators. They committed Human Rights abuses, Iran was building Nuclear weapons; all that, to justify US intervention and then install US aligned leaders.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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